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Astrology Organizations
National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR)

Click here to visit AFAN website :

NCGR is an organization with more than 2600 members and over 40 chapters throughout the U.S., Mexico, Canada, and Russia. The focus of the organization is on astrological research and education.

The NCGR Educational Curriculum was created in 1979 by a group of astrologers representing most major astrological disciplines. The program was designed to provide an extensive survey of astrology for those who participate and to give structure to astrological studies in order to raise the standards of the field for both students and teachers.

The program consists of four levels. There is an exam for each level which must be passed before the student can proceed to the next level. The material covered on each level is as follows:

Level I provides the building blocks in the foundation of western astrology. In order to pass a proficiency examination at this level the student must comprehend the signs, planets, houses, personal points (Ascendant, MC, Moon's Nodes), major aspects and their configurations; and be able to apply them in natal interpretation. In addition, the student learns to calculate a natal chart for any geographical location. Also covered are definitions of various schools of thought in astrology with emphasis on understanding their tradition but not their techniques.Astronomy is studied on each level, becoming increasingly more detailed as the student progresses. The topics introduced on Level I include the solar system, eclipses, retrograde motion and solstices. These are developed in greater depth at the higher levels.

On Level II natal delineation is reviewed. Minor aspects, lunar phases, derived houses and fixed stars are added to broaden interpretation. The dynamic elements of astrology (which include transits, progressions, etc.) are also introduced on this level.Calculations include relocation charts, transits, progressions, solar arc directions, declinations, the Vertex, the Equatorial Ascendant, and antiscia (solstice points).

Level III includes mundane charting such as ingress charts. It also covers the subjects of horary and electional astrology, synastry, solar and lunar returns and the history of astrology. On this Level the 360 and 90 degree dials are introduced for more precision.

Level IV solidifies the information of the other levels and adds rectification (which can incorporate many techniques). Once the rectification requirement is passed the student may specialize in consulting, technical research or general research.There are Study Guides available which describe in detail the material covered on each level. All four guides (which are printed together) may be ordered by sending a check for $6.00 (made payable to NCGR) to: Joan Negus, 175 Harrison Street, Princeton, NJ 08540.

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