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The August 11, 1999 Eclipse Date Published: by Frank Piechowski



There has been much talk in the astrology community about the total Solar Eclipse on August 11, 1999. All sorts of dire predictions have been made about events that might be associated with this eclipse, including the start of World War III, the possible crash of the Cassini space probe, and many other possible manifestations.

Let's take a look at the eclipse itself and see where some people are picking up all the "doom and gloom" and see if it is valid or not.

One of the first things I look at with an eclipse, especially a total one, is the path of totality as it passes over the Earth. The map below, produced by Matrix's Win*Star version 2 program shows the path of the eclipse. The red line is the path of totality.

As you can see, the path starts off the coast of North America, passes through Europe and the Middle East and ends in the Indian sub-continent. The theory is that an eclipse will have the greatest effect where it can be seen, especially in those places where the eclipse is total. We can see several world hotspots already on the path in the graphic above.

Aries Wheel

Another way we can zero in on possible hotspots is to look at a map that shows where planets are angular. A world shows this. To look at the basic relationships of the planets, it's usually best to look at an Aries Wheel type chart as below. An Aries Wheel chart is not dependent on location because it omits the angles and house cusp and just shows the planets in their signs and the aspect relationships between them. This frees the eclipse chart from a specific location.

Before I try to tie the eclipse to specific locations, let's look at the chart of the eclipse itself. The Eclipse (which is merely a conjunction of the Sun and Moon that falls close to the Nodal axis), takes place at 18 Leo 21. The thing many astrologers are keying in on is the "Grand Cross" that exists between the eclipse point, Uranus, Saturn and Mars. A Grand Cross is said to exist when there are four or more planets involved in an aspect configuration which has two oppositions with their axis square each other. This gives an arrangement like the four cardinal points of the compass. Some take note of the possibly dangerous points involved and have been focusing on the negative in this eclipse chart.

But is this chart so critical?

Looking at it a bit closer we notice that the eclipse point is at the latest degree of any of the factors involved in the Grand Cross. The Sun and Moon are also the fastest moving of the factors involved. This means that nothing involved in the Grand Cross is applying to the eclipse itself, nor does the Eclipse apply to anything else. In fact, of the factors that make up the Grand Cross the only applying aspect is that of Mars to Saturn. Granted, the Mars/Saturn configuration is very close and bears watching on its own.

There is also a trine between Venus and Jupiter, the benefics, mitigating the chart's harshness somewhat.

Eclipse path map

Given the fact that there are not many applying aspects in this chart, I'm going to say that much of the symbolism contained in this eclipse has already happened. Why would I say that? In my opinion, applying aspects denote things to come, while separating aspects show things that have already passed. Let's look at the countries along the eclipse path, overlaid with planets that are angular and see what we can deduce about what has already happened as of this writing (July 28, 1999).

As you can see, the eclipse path itself cuts through most of the countries involved in the NATO action in Kosovo. It also passes through Turkey, which has been having problems with its Kurdish minority. The eclipse touches Iraq, which has on-going problems with the rest of the world in the wake of the Gulf War nearly ten years ago. As is Iran, which has had numerous student demonstrations in the past few weeks and also some extensive flooding. Pakistan and India are also on the eclipse path, and there has been recent fighting in Kashmir.

Where else can we expect this eclipse to manifest? Using the planet/angle lines in addition to the eclipse path, the map points up some possible places that could be highlighted by the eclipse's energy. The southern part of Germany has not only the eclipse path crossing it, but also the Moon's node on the Midheaven and Jupiter on the horizon. The eclipse point itself is on the Midheaven very close to Berlin, which is engaged in the transfer of governmental offices from the old West German capitol of Bonn to the new and former capitol.

Austria has the eclipse path and the Sun/Moon on the Midheaven intersecting in the center of the country.

The close Mars/Saturn opposition crosses the Balkans, continuing to make that area a hotspot. Romania and Bulgaria are brought into play by this eclipse.

I would expect more tension in Turkey with the Kurds due to Pluto on the Midheaven crossing the eclipse path towards the southwestern part of the country.

Aside from those countries along the eclipse path, I'd look most closely at those areas where the Mars/Saturn opposition is angular. Two areas where this occurs are through the Americas and East Asia.

In the Americas, the Mars/Saturn meridian line comes close to Atlanta, peninsular Florida, Havana, the Isthmus of Panama, and touches the coasts of Ecuador and Peru.

In Asia, the cities of Rangoon and Mandalay lie on the Mars/Saturn meridian line as do western Mongolia and west central China, including the Tibetan border.

One place the eclipse is sure to manifest is in Plymouth, England. Plymouth is directly on the eclipse path, and the Astrological Association of Great Britain is holding its annual conference there. There is also an astronomy conference there at the same time. The eclipse will take place during the conferences.

To sum up, I'd just like to say that the eclipse is not something to be afraid of, regardless of what the "doom and gloomers" say. It's not something where you should immediately think of the Worst Case Scenario. It is something to be experienced. It is best taken as a learning experience. Use the symbolism of the eclipse to help you get a better handle on astrology and improve your astrology technique and understanding.


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