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Angstrom [Astro*Index]

Unit of length used for measuring wavelengths of different frequencies (colors) of light: 10-8 meters.

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Angstrom [DeVore]

A ten-billionth of a metre. Employed as a unit for measuring the wave lengths of light. Ten angstrom equal one millimicron. v. Wave Length

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♦ Angstrom, Anders Jonas ♦ Wave Length
Angstrom, Anders Jonas [Astro*Index]

(ohng'strum) (1814-1874) Swedish physicist.

Born at Lodgo, Bruk; died at Uppsala. In 1862, he discovered the presence of hydrogen in the Sun, by inspecting the solar spectrum. He published a map of the spectrum, in 1868, locating the wavelength of nearly 100 lines. For these measurements he introduced a measuring unit, which has been named in his honor. The angstrom is a unit of wavelength equal to one-billionth of a meter (10-9 meter).

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