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Oort, Jan Hendrik [Astri*Index]

(28 April 1900 – 5 November 1992) Dutch astronomer. Born at Franeker, Friesland; died at Leiden, South Holland.

From the relative motion of nearby stars, he was able to derive a result which agreed with Shapley: that the center of our galaxy lay in the direction of the constellation Sagittarius. He calculated the distance to this center at 30,000LYs (light-years), and determined that the orbit of our solar system about it required some 200,000,000 years for each circuit. In 1950, he proposed an interesting theory concerning the origin of comets: At a distance of about 1LY, a vast cloud of minor planets (the Oort Cloud) are located in a huge asteroid belt. A few of these are continually hurled into the solar system by the gravitational perturbations of nearby stars. Whether or not his cloud exists, the theory has received serious attention.


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