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4 articles for "Summer"

Summer Hemisphere [Astro*Index]

From Ptolemy. Refers to the northern hemisphere, in which the sun has a northern declination during the spring and summer months.

Summer Ingress [Astro*Index]

The Sun's entry into Tropical Cancer, on about June 21.

See also: ♦ Winter Ingress ♦ Solstice
Summer Time [Astro*Index]

A British wartime version of year-round daylight savings time, with a further advancement for summer, called Double Summer time. It was enacted in l941, and continued through 1946.

See also: ♦ Daylight Savings Time ♦ Double Summer Time
Summer Time [Munkasey M.]

Another name for Daylight Savings Time.

See also: ♦ Daylight Savings Time


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