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Symbols [Astro*Index]

The planets, the signs of the Zodiac, and the aspects, are represented by certain symbols, understood by all astrologers. They are:


Sun GlyphThe Sun
Moon GlyphThe Moon
Mercury GlyphMercury, related to the Caduceus.
Venus GlyphVenus
The Earth GlyphThe Earth
Mars GlyphMars, the shield and the spear of Ares
Jupiter GlyphJupiter
Saturn GlyphSaturn. The sickle of Chronos
Uranus GlyphUranus, based on the H for Herschel
Neptune GlyphNeptune. The trident of the sea-god
Pluto Glyph/ Pluto GlyphPluto
Node GlyphThe Moon's North Node.
Node Glyph The Moon's South Node

Signs of the Zodiac
Aries GlyphAries
Taurus GlyphTaurus
Gemini GlyphGemini
Cancer GlyphCancer
Leo GlyphLeo
Virgo GlyphVirgo
Libra GlyphLibra
Scorpio GlyphScorpio
Sagittarius GlyphSagittarius
Capricorn GlyphCapricorn
Aquarius GlyphAquarius
Pisces GlyphPisces
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