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Noel Tyl's Guide to Astrological Consultation by Noel Tyl Date Published: 2007 review by John Townley
Bio: John Townley John Townley

Early in his astrological career, John Townley introduced the composite chart technique for analyzing relationships in his book The Composite Chart, and twenty years later wrote the definitive work on the subject, Composite Charts: The Astrology of Relationships. He has pioneered techniques for astrological cycle analysis and proposed a new, physical basis for astrology. He is also the author of Planets in Love, Dynamic Astrology, and Lunar Returns, has been the president of the Astrologers' Guild of America, was the editor of The Astrological Review, and is a contributor to professional and popular astrological magazines. His books have been translated into seven languages.

John is also a well-known journalist, elected member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors, historian, preservationist, performer, and record producer. He can be regularly found, camera and microphone in hand, covering cultural and technology events ranging from the Consumer Electronics Show to the Toy Fair, from international music festivals to ocean sailing races. When he's not behind the camera and microphone, he's in front of them, performing at maritime concerts in the U.S. and across Europe.

He's written for:

The Mountain AstrologerDell Horoscope
ConsiderationsFortean Studies
Streaming Media MagazineThe Warsaw Voice
Flying Your WaySexology Today
Sea HistoryThe Mariners' Museum Journal
Northern MarinerSea Heritage News
South Street Seaport ReporterDigital Cinema
Surround ProfessionalRecording Media
EQ MagazineProSound News
eDigitalPhoto MagazineThe Toy Fair Times
World Of EnglishIntelligent Transportation Systems Daily
Firefighters' QuarterlyThe Rappahannock Record

He's been featured on:
the BBC, CBC, PBS, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNET and Granada radio & TV, Polish National Radio/TV, Voice of America, Armed Forces Radio, and cable TV.




Astrological Consultation by Noel Tyl

Any one astrologer who regularly does charts for clients must go through the sometimes-difficult process of preparing a good, helpful, meaningful experience. It’s important to have a well-organized approach to it that allows you a regular entry into guiding and developing the occasion. Noel Tyl’s latest book provides a choreography, a clear-cut process, to preparing the horoscope and seeing its development through to client discussion. This choreography works step-by-step to adjust the mind to the best way to build analysis and communicate it meaningfully. The more the choreography is repeated — the more cases prepared the same way every time — the more the brain’s circuitry grooves the ways for its best performance and rapidly creates sureness!

The process pushes away those wandering, aimless, insecure times of staring at the horoscope without seeing; grasping for a “this” or “that” to trigger some understanding;  plowing through myriad measurements without knowing why; often alerting that embarrassing little voice inside that says, “I really don’t know where I’m going with all this…”

Instead, the Guide to Astrological Consultation explains the whys and hows of sophisticated analytical preparation, such as: 

  • Why are orbs important (not only as organizers but also as spans of consciousness)
  • How many measurements you really need (streamline your work)
  • What are the key magical measurements that have evolved from discovery and refinement in the last thirty years? (Hemisphere emphasis, Saturn-retrograde phenomenology, The Lunar Nodal Axis, Psychodynamic House rulerships, the Defensive orientations of the Grand Trines, Idealism)
  • How to see past development times and future projections with ease.

Within this assembly process — getting all the blocks of consideration lined up knowingly and routinely — you discover in the process that your eye and brain are much, much faster than the computer. In fact, after the computer gives you the information you need, the same way for every case, you may be amazed at how much you add and develop toward top-flight professional insight. It’s true: when you look around — if you know how — you see a lot.

To get a real-time feeling of how it’s done, there are five verbatim, full-length consultation transcripts, with Tyl’s thoughts behind key conversational maneuvers included. The process of analysis continues: a new Therapy Flow orientation leads you to doing good work with the client. Transits and Solar Arcs highlight developments past and future, as a theme emerges from the consultation conversation, and the last five minutes of each consultation become eminently memorable.

Definitely an important addition to the library of anyone who is looking to become — or already is — a consulting astrologer.