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Astrology in the News:   provided by AstroCocktail

Charmed For Success(The Peninsula) - As Subcontinent elections gear up, politicians are pulling out all the stops, above and below...  11/13/2008

Saturn All A-Glow( - Saturn has a switched-on aurora like no other planet, another new mystery...  11/13/2008

Stars Over Ireland(Mayo News) - Landmark mountain Croagh Patrick may be part of an ancient astrological network...  11/11/2008

Saturn Returns(NY Times) - The Times takes a critical look at the new play with a planetary life-theme, at Lincoln Center...  11/11/2008

Astrology Stock Up(MarketWatch) - While traditional market forecasters are eating crow, financial astrologer Arch Crawford's in the catbird seat...  11/10/2008

Sun Restarts(NASA) - "I think solar minimum is behind us," says sunspot forecaster David Hathaway of the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center. Is this a metaphor, is there a connection? Sunspots have finally kickstarted after a record lull...  11/8/2008

Obama Apologizes(AP) - To Nancy Reagan, for his flip remark about s?ances. What she actually did, of course, was consult an astrologer...  11/8/2008

Cosmic Tug(National Geographic) - There's something over the horizon - like, seriously over the horizon - that's pulling the entire universe towards it...  11/8/2008

Obama, By Jupiter!(The Guardian) - Brit columnist Neil Spencer looks at the prospects...  11/6/2008

A Man Of Conviction(Lanka Everything) - Local astrologer who predicted McCain victory still says Obama won't make it...  11/6/2008

Hard Times, Big Hits(PC Advisor) - Insecurity about the economy is driving up UK astrologer's web and mobile hits, and what he's saying just feeds it...  11/6/2008

Toxic Employers(Hindustan Times) - Astrologers' clients most popular question is when their bosses will be gone...  11/6/2008

You Won't Like It...(Houston Press) - matter who wins this election, says Houston pack of prognosticators. The election day aspects are just too weird...  11/3/2008

...Perhaps Because...(BeliefNet) - ...of exactly those weird aspects, as astrologer Lynn Hayes further details...  11/3/2008

...It's Really Heavy...(Oregon Live) - This is no lightweight contest, and its historical ramifications aren't easy...  11/3/2008

Astrologers Just Stupid?(Sky News) - Depends on your point of view, it would seem...  11/1/2008

Good Luck Gamblers(PR Web) - If you haven't succeeded in losing all your money in the stock market yet, this might finish the job...  11/1/2008

Portals To The Sun(NASA) - They open and close, connecting us with our soul star, passing particles between us...  10/30/2008

Sun Sign Cell Phone(Business Wire) - It's way behind India, but now you can get Susan Miller on your iPhone telling you about the Sun signs of the people you meet in the lounge, and what cars they drive...  10/30/2008

It's A Sweep(AFP) - Indian astrologers jump on Obama bandwagon, but say he might be in danger in April, should wear rubies for strength...  10/30/2008

Fostered By The Moon(New Nation) - All kinds of reasons to snuggle up to the Moon at Diwali...  10/30/2008

The Ventiplexian Zodiac(io9) - Astrology from the universe before the Big Bang, in the latest plot of kids' series The Sarah Jane Adventures...  10/28/2008

Outsourced Predictions(Wall St. Journal/LiveMint) - A vastu take on the elections, complete with map, details Obama's planetary momentum...  10/28/2008

Nepal Tips for Obama(Sify) - In the international astro-biz, everyone's throwing hats into the ring...  10/28/2008

Recovery Ahead(Bloomberg) - According to the stars, happy days will be here year...  10/28/2008

Stars Favor McCain(Times Herald Record) - NCGR seers see comeback by election day...  10/26/2008

Stars Favor Obama(Contra Costa Times) - And Biden's beat Palin's as well...  10/26/2008

Panic Cycle(Wall St. Journal) - Stock traders brace for recurrence of historical lunar phase that have marked previous crash lows...  10/24/2008

Starry Meltdown(Radar) - The astrology of the current economic crisis is explained, as Radar magazine itself succumbs to it (this is their last issue)...  10/24/2008

Two Cows(BeliefNet) - Astrologer Lynn Hayes has some wonderfully pastoral political and city mice, check your horoscopes...  10/22/2008

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