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Astrology Articles
Above Us, The Waves — The Post-Election Observer

Sometimes, in the grip of struggling with specifics, astrologers forget that their art is primarily observational, not predictive. You get a better picture of the part the planets play in our landscape if you view the beauty of the forest from above instead of struggling to chop through the tangling underbrush. That is the same error critics make when they ask us for tomorrow—s headlines based on personal charts of politicians or countries. There—s many a slip —tween the cup and the lip, and most of them happen en route from generalizations to specifics.

This never becomes so clear to everyone, not just astrologers, as when some watershed event takes place, carrying us all with it. Some astrologers struggled at one level with the charts of the competing politicians, trying to decide which would be favored by the planets on election night, in imitation of the media pundits counting up and analyzing their fickle opinion polls. Others opined on the great historical cycles that seemed to be operative — Pluto changing signs, the Saturn-Uranus opposition — which suggested major social and economic change hanging on crucial planetary pivot points, as yet undisclosed. On the cusp of the American election, even the standard political opinionizers began using those broad-brush strokes, and conservative David Brooks—s election-eve article in the New York Times only needed a few planetary names inserted to pass as astrology.

Now that the elections are in our rear-view mirror, it all has a certain sense of inevitability about it, as if these great planetary waves rolling over us were somehow intersecting in a tidal flood of events that suddenly moved us all along...

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Ray Merriman     Interview with Ray Merriman
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John and Susan Townley     Celebrity Astrology … From the Top Down
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John Townley     Planetary Order II: … all your ducks in a row
John Townley     Planetary Order III: Islands in the Sky
John Townley     Gift Signs for the Holidays: Thoughts that Count
John Townley     2008 Primaries & Beyond: Composites and the Candidates
John Townley     Ringing the Changes
John Townley     A New Presidential Paradigm?
John Townley     The Battle Finally Joined: Obama vs. McCain
John Townley     Above Us, The Waves -- The Post-Election Weather Observer
Sare Van Orsdell     Shaman Energy: Find the Capricorn in You
Shantam Zohar     Shantam Zohar Interview

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