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November Skies

The month begins on a lunar T-square to the finalizing opposition of Saturn and Uranus, which Venus supplants by the next day, with more than a little tension building to America’s presidential election day on the 4th, when the opposition is exact. Expect fireworks then, as the Moon is void-of-course most of that day, heaping confusion on top of division, with Mars square Neptune thrown into the pot. The Moon tweaks the opposition three more times on November 8, 14, and 21, reawakening the issues, and all month long the Sun, Mercury, and Mars close in on each other to conjoin across the last days of November and the first days of December.

Despite words heating up as a result, don’t expect concrete resolutions to come too easily, as except when the Moon passes through an air sign (around the 5th, 14th, and 22nd), the only air planet all month is Neptune, not known for its clear explanations. Instead, expect words to be held Scorpio-close and mysterious early on and then burst out into Sagittarian bluster as Sun, Mercury, and Mars change sign late in the month, centering around Thanksgiving weekend. The middle two weeks of the month see the Moon outside of the semicircle of the rest of the planets, pitting emotions against inevitable realities, until she rejoins the flock after Thanksgiving and everyone begins to accept the new reality that has set into place. Now, for the first time in eight years, the planets will be all together in one hemisphere for nearly half the year, stretching from Saturn to Uranus, an ongoing trend until Jupiter passes the opposition to Saturn in 2011. It may not mean easy street, but it will represent more general progress and cooperation than we have seen in some years, if only through alliances born of necessity.

Important Celestial Events

  02 November — 00:00 am EDT
  Neptune Stationary Direct

Time to take your dreams off the back burner and start to refire your imagination. The past few months may have seemed an exercise in cynicism when a lot of untruths needed handling and confusions straightened out, but now is the time to put that behind you and refocus on the possible and not just the probable.

  04 November — 08:37 am EST
  Saturn Opposition Uranus

This rare (once in 45 years) aspect provides a background of a year or so when new advances in theoretical science occur which take a long time proving, thanks to an often intransigent scientific establishment. Relativity theory and chaos theory are two good examples; both took years to become thoroughly accepted and a part of the general consciousness. If you happen to know what they are, it probably profits you little, except you can tell your children you were there first, when they finally get hip to it. Nevertheless, it’s worth looking around for, as the foundations for another wave of the future are being laid at this very time, no small thing.

  04 November — 11:00 am EST
  Mercury Enters Scorpio

There’s an air of secrecy about for the next few weeks, as if everybody’s trying to keep a copyright on what they’re thinking, so pulling out ideas may be like pulling teeth. Critical elements are often withheld until you’ve passed the entry test — but once honestly shared thinking gets going, it runs deep.

  12 November — 00:52 am EST
  Venus Conjunction Pluto

Compulsive desire is all the rage, and some people are ready to go to any ends to get what they want. Gotta, gotta, have it, whatever the price anyone pays. So, be sure that you don’t get in between the desirer and the desiree. On the other hand, this is the aspect of unbearably overwhelming passion when put into effect.

  12 November — 10:25 am EST
  Venus Enters Capricorn

Less is more for a few weeks, and you’ll find people paying for it that way, as well. Small servings are sufficient, simple but pure flavors are the best — in people as well as food. If you’re not wearing basic black, you’re probably overdressed, at least as far as others are concerned. Keep it simple or sit it out.

  13 November — 00:38 am EST
  Jupiter Sextile Uranus

It’s a good time to invest in mutual discovery, where what you stumble on somehow perfectly dovetails with what just fell into your partner’s lap. You don’t need to push or pursue the far out to go really way into yourselves, and you’ll probably even have a little help from your friends, because right about now they’re probably doing it, too. This can apply to the boardroom or the bedroom equally, as subtle inspiration and small “aha!” revelations snowball to give everyone a totally new view on an old subject and reinvigorate flagging energies and interests. The key to success: Be aboveboard, don’t go overboard. Share what’s given, expect the same.

  13 November — 01:19 am EST
  Full Moon in Taurus

This “Frost” Moon makes the usual full Moon craziness turn into slow motion, and a lot of the action is happening beneath the surface, hidden from view. Like moles in the ground, everybody’s pursuing an agenda that may not be entirely clear but is clearly plowing up the vicinity. The challenge is to get all of it working for you and not against you and to keep your pace up even if it seems like you’re wading through molasses. Nevertheless, when all is said and done, the scope of accomplishment available now is both large and long-lasting, directly proportionate to the extra labor involved in making it all happen.

  16 November — 03:27 am EST
  Mars Enters Sagittarius

There’s going to be a tendency to go flat out without thinking too much about it for a while, so just being out in the world may be a bit tiring if you’re trying too hard to keep up with everything. Nobody’s being that selective, so those who are will have the long-term advantage, if not the short-term favor.

  21 November — 07:13 am EST
  Jupiter Trine Saturn

You are in a roughly yearlong period in which the world at large is, in the deepest sense of the word, coasting. There is a great faith that God is in his Heaven and all is right with the world, which is, as often as not, totally unfounded, a disillusionment often met the following year. But, for the moment, in the background all appears to be working smoothly, both economically and morally. This makes for profitable enough short-term actions, as long as you can pull out quickly. The real personal bonanza may be had by searching out the coming shift that changes everything and putting all your financial and moral assets on it.

  21 November — 05:45 pm EST
  Sun Enters Sagittarius

Expect a lot of straight talk flying about for the next month or so — ’tis the season. Of course, it’s not all as straight as it’s made out to be, and playing along is part of the game. But that doesn’t matter, as enthusiasm and optimism can be quite sufficient by themselves to drive it all along to another level.

  23 November — 02:09 am EST
  Mercury Enters Sagittarius

People will say anything for a laugh about now — and for the next few weeks they’ll tend to just say anything in general and then keep talking. Blue-sky blustering is the order of the day, but there’s a kernel of truth in some of those free-form filibusters, so don’t overlook that fleck of gold gleaming in the pan.

  25 November — 11:52 am EST
  Mercury Conjunction Sun

High mental energy burns hot, a real brain boiler. The trick is to keep up with everyone without missing a stitch or dropping the ball. Great ideas abound, but don’t buy everything you see until you give it a second, cooler look. Everyone can be too close to the subject to realize that what recommends it is only the heat of the moment.

  26 November — 09:42 pm EST
  Pluto Enters Capricorn

Sixteen years begins of a culture value shift toward getting business done as if it were a mission. It will create vast wealth, as it will have little to hold it back morally — but the generation spawned by this period will have to redesign the great structures so made in a deconstruction of what went before. Like when cement skyscrapers were first built — they were touted to last longer than the pyramids, but a generation later they began to fall to the wrecking ball.

  27 November — 09:14 am EST
  Uranus Stationary Direct

Time to catch the wave of fresh new ideas after a few months of backtracking and winnowing out the possible from the unworkable. Original thinking may be the only way out of a number of situations as changing times require radically changing attitudes and adjustments.

  27 November — 11:55 am EST
  New Moon in Sagittarius

There’s a clarion call in the air telling you and everyone else to get it right and play it straight this time, but not everyone is listening. Make sure you are. Last month’s cloak and dagger maneuvers are old hat and if you conspicuously clean house and let in the air, you’ll be in the vanguard of the initiative now. Your message needn’t be subtle, just sincere, as nuanced maneuvers aren’t yet as important as getting the direction right. What you begin now, begin in truth and with foundations laid on what you know and not what you speculate. Well begun is half done, so launch from a firm footing and you’ll be out in front.

  28 November — 10:40 pm EST
  Mercury Conjunction Mars

Ideas catch fire and the mind races as your thinking cap jams into fifth gear. A heady time, indeed, but you’ll need to keep pace with the rest of the world, which is experiencing the same thing. Anything you choose to do with your interior software will keep this high pace in times to come, so strike while the iron is hot.

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