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Star Gazing


This Month's Birthday's

2008 Race to the White House

People in the News

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4:45 AM
San Mateo Park, CA

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In the News:

Game Show Mogul/Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead
Merv Griffin by John Townley

People who go a long way in any business usually have remarkable charts, and Merv Griffin is certainly an instructive example. It’s also quite unusual, considering his field has been media, generally an air-related industry. And he’s got a chart with no air. None.

But, it’s a bucket-pattern chart with Uranus as the handle, which more than makes up for it. Uranus, crackling with electricity and originality, is the ruler of electronic media, and Griffin has been the king of it from the start. Plus, he’s got an awful lot of other things going for him that make Hollywood cough up money.

First, there’s that Venus-Mars conjunction — the Hollywood star signature — right on his North Node at the cusp of his second house of money. He exudes charm, magnetism, and charisma, which turns itself right into cash without having to go through any secondary steps. When he sparkles, the cash register goes ka-ching! But, being square Saturn, that conjunction doesn’t shine up front as much as it might, with some of the confidence needed to be a solo leading actor siphoned off, thus centering him in production — running the show while enabling others to star around him, partly fueled by his light. Then, there’s that Sun-Pluto conjunction leading the bucket, right on the Ascendant. He’s totally upfront and relentless about what he believes in, and he just won’t go away, ever in your face when making a deal, and totally self-assured (Pluto-Sun knows it’s right, and rolls over you), but in Cancer not so much an obvious juggernaut as to be offensive about it. You meet him, you’re convinced.

Finally, Moon in Capricorn conjunct Jupiter is the height of practical but ever-expanding business sense. His reaction every time is how to make it bigger, better, and more workable. There’s no reason to doubt that this person was going to make a lot of money, from the very start. Had he arrived in more conservative times, it might have been harder, but showing up at the doorway to modern television enabled that Uranus to steer him straight to the heart of the action, never looking back.

Current events: At age 82, he’s coming to his third progressed lunar return, right on his Jupiter, with progressed Sun just into Libra. Ever the huckster and showman with his finger on America’s pulse, he’s given the controversial “Life Among the Dead” a second season, perhaps knowing that the U.S. progressed Sun is just now into Pisces, looking for spirit in all the wrong (but profitable) places. And, he’s releasing a new crossword-based game show. Seems he’s just getting started, again.

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