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Star Gazing


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2008 Race to the White House

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1:34 PM
Chicago Heights, IL

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In the News:

License to Wed
Robin Williams by John Townley

It’s obvious to almost anyone watching him that Robin Williams is operated by an entity from someplace else. Not for nothing did he first skyrocket to fame as a Martian. In an earlier time he might have been burned at the stake for being possessed by, well, something — in fact, a lot of serial somethings, most of them hilarious and seemingly beyond his control.

Look almost anywhere in his chart and it screams out at you. Mars conjunct Uranus (that keystone of comedy) denotes sudden, unexpected movements. Mercury conjunct Pluto at the MC makes for a compulsive motor-mouth that gets a lot of press. Jupiter opposite Neptune in the 12th house is hidden fantasies blossoming out in a regular, workmanlike fashion. Neptune-ruled Moon in Pisces opposite Venus is a man who constantly shifts his charms and intentions according to the whim of the moment, and with the nodes there, it shapes him despite his will. Paint that all into a deliberately cloaked Scorpio Ascendant in grand trine with Mars/Uranus and the Moon/North Node and you’ve got a person who just naturally pulls it off, and for a living.

Expand it out further and you see the same thing. The overall chart pattern is a double-handled bucket swung by ever-expanding Jupiter and Moon. This guy never stops because that’s just what he does. It doesn’t even tire him out, it invigorates him. With that Jupiter quincunx the Ascendant, he’s constantly restless, ever-developing himself and his roles not only from moment to moment but across his hugely varied career, embracing both comic and serious roles.

One might think that someone so endlessly wordy would have a lot of air, but with Williams it’s quite the opposite. His only air is watery Neptune hidden away in the 12th. Those really are little spirits speaking out of the collective unconscious, crowding for attention, but not with a message in themselves but as functions of the inner kaleidoscope, never pausing long enough for a full explanation. Indeed, when he’s out of character(s), Williams doesn’t particularly intellectualize his technique, approach, or philosophy. There isn’t a structured, premeditated plan here, it just surfaces, like an out-of-control racing car with no brakes which the owner steers with Sterling Moss perfection. You couldn’t find a chart that more perfectly describes its inhabitor’s behavior, even though exactly who he is may be a bit of a mystery even to himself. After all, that demon Neptune in the 12th is often a stern muse, indeed, as he and anyone in AA can tell you. He’s seen the dark side, and it’s never far away.

Current events: Saturn transiting his MC has offset the previous Jupiter transit to his Ascendant, so the last year or so has not seen his best work, but rather another turn in rehab which his career path will still have some time recovering from, getting back up to speed. Yet, in just over a year, his progressed Moon will hit his Jupiter and its key Neptune alignment, so expect him to yet again break out into another of his many blossoms, from still a deeper point of view.

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