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Star Gazing


This Month's Birthday's

2008 Race to the White House

People in the News

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2:30 AM
Dartford, UK

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In the News:

A Bigger Bang tour
Mick Jagger by John Townley

Mick Jagger has one of those totally desperate WWII bundle charts that’s got all the planets compressed into a third of the sky with the Moon’s South Node sticking out like a handle in a bucket chart, swinging the whole thing around like a pawn of fate, a pattern that could be called a “cauldron of destiny.” Four planets in Leo — Sun, Jupiter, Pluto, and Mercury — aggressively dominate the lower angle — this was right at the fall of Italy and the massive, murderous firestorm bombing of Hamburg. His chart is a firestorm, as a result, with no water to put out the fires and a relentless Jupiter-Pluto pushing crazily forward like a juggernaut. With Saturn rising ahead of the Sun and Mars leading the bundle, there is more than a little sympathy for the devil here, it’s very much filled with righteous wrath and revenge, trampling out the vintages of evil and hypocrisy in a dark dance over the graves of the slain.

Well, that sums up the Stones pretty well, and with that unstoppable Taurus Moon coming out of the 12th house of nightmares, welcome to his. But it’s not an afflicted Moon, which could have immobilized him, it’s nicely trine Neptune so fantasy flows easily from the dark places and brings the three 12th house planets — Mars, Moon, and Uranus — out into the public eye in creative, gripping scenarios painted by his Gemini Ascendant. The only air in the chart closely surrounds that Ascendant, a Saturn Uranus grip that makes his main instrument of communication his body and his appearance. Even if you can’t make out the words when he’s on stage, you know what he is saying.

Current events: The Stones went to number one on the charts just as Jupiter went over Jagger’s Ascendant and he’s been on a roll ever since. Because the Stones, like the Beatles, are so much larger than life, once they got into gear every transit brought them fame. They became conduits of the stars as well as stars themselves, so there is a bit of the demigod there, both immune to human harm and plaything of higher forces. That South Node (fated receipts) hanging out there tells the whole story. Right now, Jagger’s headed for a progressed New Moon in Libra (a total inner end, then restart) over the next year, just as Uranus hovers over his MC, so expect yet another round of surprising news about the man. In the dark reflections of this soul you can still hear the seared victims of Hamburg, roasted in the fires of hell, yearning for redemption.

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