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Star Gazing


This Month's Birthday's

2008 Race to the White House

People in the News

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1:06 PM
Honolulu, HI

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In the News:

Presidential Candidate
Barack Obama by John Townley

We have attempted a look at Barack Obama’s chart without a birth time earlier in the year, at which time we complained that all mysteries would be solved when we got one. Now that we have one (from astrologer Adrian Ross Duncan), it’s time for a further look.

For the basics, we quote what we already have said:

His most standout qualities among the ever-swelling horserace of potential presidential hopefuls are his leadership stellium of Mercury, Sun, and Uranus in Leo and his uniquely broadening and historical Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. You remember that conjunction — the one where elected presidents either die in office or come really close to it. It represents times of social upheaval and change, and those born with it have the capacity to deal with those kinds of changing times, because they have both the new and hopeful (Jupiter) and the old and reliable (Saturn) mixed together. And, in Obama’s case, certainly Mars and likely the Moon are part of a mixed-element (earth and air) grand trine, showing remarkable talent and easy access to both sides of every social issue. The icing on the cake is Mercury in the middle of it opposing that Jupiter-Saturn, making the whole pattern a highly energized Cupid’s Bow (or Kite). You put up a set of conflicting self-interests, and bang, he’s got the solution and the plan right in his pocket — like he was born with it, which he was.

Just as important is the shape of the chart itself — he’s got what’s called a “Locomotive” pattern led by the Moon, which means he just naturally steps in and lets his feelings lead the way, and everyone just naturally seems to agree with him. He’s a mover and a shaker in every sense of the word. He’s always rolling with the current and he pulls it along after him once he’s in motion.

Now, with a birth time giving him a Scorpio Ascendant and a flexible Gemini Moon in tight sextile to Mercury, we see a further mask, a carefully controlled image that is backed by an easily repositioned and effortlessly intelligent response. He can take both sides on an issue without seeming to flip-flop. Is this about an ability to compromise, or a talent for dissembling? The capacity to synthesize from depth, or a faculty for fooling people? With that Scorpio Ascendant, you can’t always tell. His composite with the U.S. chart looks excellent, but then so does Hillary’s (with a new Ascendant for her, we will re-do that one soon). Both composites show big Saturn transits around election time. Either look good with the country, but so did the composites of both Clinton and Bush. The earlier difference was that one had a natal 12th house Sun (Bush), the other didn’t (Clinton). This time, it’s the second Clinton who has a 12th house Sun (for her 8 AM birth time chart, Scorpio rising). The only other 12th house Sun president except Bush was Carter. If the country must pick between Scorpio risings, Obama might be the more successful choice.

Current events: His progressed chart over the next year will be highlighting the grand trine, with a Moon-Sun trine laid on top of it. Chosen or not this time around, Obama is going to come up smelling like roses, and if he doesn’t take the prize, everyone will wish he had, as his opponents will be forever reminded.

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