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Star Gazing


This Month's Birthday's

2008 Race to the White House

People in the News

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6:40 AM
Anoka, MN

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In the News:

A Prairie Home Companion
Garrison Keillor by John Townley

Garrison Keillor has the ultimate in a self-reflective, inward-gazing chart that manages, through benefit of expansive Leo Mercury (and Chiron, for wounded-healer fans) exactly on the Ascendant with Moon in wide sextile to it, to get his inner self articulated and right out into the open. His Leo Sun in the 12th house is the sign of a radiant personality that is sufficiently hidden that it needs a lot of exploration to get its better nature into the light, bringing with it a lot of self-psychotherapy which in the good old days used to be called poetry, folkore, and creative fiction. Mars in the first house square Uranus gives him a slightly halting gait, the ungainly side that comes from interrupted flow of energy, overcompensated for over the years.

There’s another big inward turn to the chart, and that’s its shape. It’s that rare bundle that happened longest (in recent history) during the desperate days of World War II, when every breath was fateful, the world hung in the balance, and the only person you could rely on was yourself. And, sticking out in the middle like a handle of fate is the South Node, recipient of karma and deserved things (for better or worse) not under your control. There’s a sort of resignation to it that is at the heart of Keillor’s style and his rejoicing in the everyday, ordinary atmosphere of the world, beyond the headlines and the emergencies. It’s very folksy simply in its reliance on what you can’t do anything about except enjoy, if you can. That’s further described by Pluto rising ahead of the Sun, a sure sign of personal faith in how things will come out, a sense of destiny and connection with it.

Finally, that bundle is led by Uranus and Saturn, the quirky and the old, precisely the stuff Prairie Home Companion is made of — and what comedy is made of, since that’s ruled by Uranus. It’s funny and cranky at the same time, freshly original and as old as the hills in the same phrase. An old joke that keeps its humor, an evergreen take on what’s ever been there, since the beginning.

Current events: With Saturn hovering over first his Sun, then Ascendant, it’s been a particularly hard-working couple of years for him, which will not let up until Saturn gets past his Mars. It’s been hard keeping up with it all, and he’s been the first one to admit it. But, in typical fashion, he shrugs it off and moves on to the next adventure.

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