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Star Gazing


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2008 Race to the White House

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09:02 PM
Hollywood, CA

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In the News:

David Crosby's "Since Then: How I Survived Everything and Lived to Tell About It"
David Crosby by John Townley

It’s an interesting curiosity that of all the members of the Byrds — as well as of Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young — the only one you still regularly hear about is David Crosby. Could be that indomitable Aries rising with its ruler Mars right there and trine the Leo Sun just can’t stop shining, especially with a mutual trine to Jupiter keeping it ever growing. It could also be that the Moon conjunct Saturn and Uranus has remarkable inventiveness, dedication, and staying power, with quite protective overtones. Add to that a self-motivated, self-reliant bowl-pattern chart led by Mars that never quits and never really has to depend on someone else to make his day, and you’ve got someone who’s in there for the long haul.

He might not have told you that early on, as his Moon-Sun square (common in children with divorced parents or who feel their parents are at odds) and Venus-Mars quincunx are both restless, driving elements that combine insecurity with ambition and often lead at least to fleeting fame. But he could have told you almost from birth that he was obligated to make something beautiful happen, always, with Venus exactly conjunct the North Node. Did he have intuitions of greatness as time went on? Maybe not from the inside — he’s got no water, so intuition tends to be an acquired talent for this type, filled in by more watery partners, especially lovers. But there are chemical substitutes for that, and he’s from the tail end of the pre-Boomer generation which still had Uranus (discovery) and Neptune (fantasy, drugs, imagination) working in a positive trine, the handful of folks who innocently but often evangelically helped introduce psychedelia to a following generation with those planets in a nasty square. Who knew those youngsters would blow such a good thing? Who knew, indeed…we didn’t.

That lack of water can be a rough thing, as it can make you unaware that the rats are leaving your ship (or the fuzz knocking on your car window) until you’re totally alone to face the repercussions of all that untrammeled Mars leadership. Like, it took 30 years from the Byrds (Saturn return #1 with Moon, very serious) until his liver failed (Saturn return #2 with Moon, much more serious) and got noticed. But it also makes you follow your own muse, since you can’t hear the other ones that well, anyway.

Current events: Astrologically, he was beating his head against a faltering folk music revival in the early ‘60s with both Pluto and Uranus transiting his Sun, both killing the old and exploding into the new, and as they lifted he rocketed to fame in the Byrds and then, with a pause for a temporarily suppressing Saturn-Ascendant transit, on to CSN…&Y. He’s right now undergoing a progressed New Moon in Libra in the seventh house, usually an indicator of a whole new life direction (probably involving important partnering, with the Libra-7th orientation). Transiting Jupiter over progressed Venus likely means a new music explosion, or at least a strong inclination to make one…

And on a personal note: fond memories of perfect trades in Boston, and especial thanks, David, for saving me from the occupant of that red Ferrari in the Grove, at such a tender age!

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