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Star Gazing


This Month's Birthday's

2008 Race to the White House

People in the News

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07:05 AM
Bay City, MI

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In the News:

Live Earth:
Digital Album out 8/14/07
CD out 9/25/07
Madonna by John Townley

Madonna, as recorded in our astrological celebrity halls of history. This was written about the pop queen in 1994 before she officially got religion, but we wouldn’t change a word:

For all the criticisms about Madonna’s style from the sexual far right to the far left, without question she has been an overwhelming influence on coming generations to let sex and fantasy out into the open and to believe it is all right to do so, no matter what the fantasy content. 

To do so, and even commercialize on it in the process, took both moral courage and skillful and determined business acumen that one cannot help but admire, however one may judge the music, aesthetics, or politics. In a way, particularly with bondage and S & M, she brought the fantasy so far into reality as to make it banal and ho-hum and make the rest of us (well, some of the rest of us) ready to move on to some other, as yet unarticulated and unfulfilled, fantasy. This is well, in that it lets it into the open and makes it O.K. for the rest of us, but also not so well, as it can be too easy to pass over the powerful inner meaning of her fantasies and move along without seeing where it is actually meant to lead, which has by and large been the case.

But to the chart. It features a strong Mercury, necessary for articulation of fantasy, conjunct the Ascendant. It is also conjunct Pluto, so the forces of structure and dissolution, so essential to sexual fantasy (and reality) are right up front. In fact, Moon, Sun, Pluto, and Mercury are in a tangle, indeed, with Sun/Moon = Pluto, Moon/Pluto = Mercury. Sun is strongly reinforced by Saturn (trine), giving strength and confidence. Jupiter is conjunct Neptune, lending burgeoning imagination and a certain religious fervor (this is often called the “high priest” aspect). Neptune is quincunx the MC, forcing this side of her into the public eye. Venus square Neptune makes for uncertainty of desire, and the need to keep seeking to find it. As Uranus = Sun/Venus, it will be in the unusual and outspoken where she will try to express it. Uranus rising ahead of the Sun adds to the iconoclastic nature of her inner drive.

The chart is very water-shy, with only Neptune in water, where it was for her whole generation. This shows in the campy, artificiality of her sex persona, much like that of a drag queen — an elaborate outer construction trying to create real inner feelings by appearing to already have more than plenty of them. The weight of the whole chart, taken together focuses around the Pluto-Sun-Uranus area in the 12th, shocking and compulsive sexuality from the most perilous house of the soul.

The finer aspects fill out the picture. The Jupiter-Uranus quintile shows explosive, yet precision timing, always leaping on to the next move — the perfect reflection of her music and stage show (the 5th harmonic is integrally associated with proportion in space and time, the number five being the root the golden section). Septiles of Saturn, Mercury, and Jupiter along with the Moon and Neptune display an ability to see an overview, the big picture, where both fantasy and business are concerned. Elevenths of Sun-Mars and Moon-Saturn show her notable impatience with incompetence and a certain inclination to project her own failings on others. Eccentric 13ths of Venus-Saturn (desire in chains), Mercury-Mars (sharp tongue), and Jupiter-Pluto (oddly compulsive ambition) fill out a chart remarkably consistent with her well-documented public and private image.

Many share multiple chart features with Madonna, and may share much of her desires and fantasies, sexual and otherwise. Yet she has made a crusade and a career of it, self-obsessed with her inner vision to the last. One last observation may shed some light on this, namely the degree of her Sun. Both Marc Edmund Jones and Dane Rudhyar agree the 24th degree of Leo is a degree of inner mission and blind determination to follow this path to outer destiny. T.E. Lawrence and Napoleon Bonaparte both had Sun in this degree. All three share these qualities, and along with them a unique and driven sexuality as well.

(From Sexuality in the Horoscope, 1994)

Current events:  With a hot new dance album just about to pop, this juggernaut just keeps on reinventing herself, despite continuing Saturn transits (hey, she thrives on hard work, with an endlessly energetic Mars-handle bucket chart). With progressed Mars going to her MC over the next year, giving her yet another career tweak, she’s already planning her 50th birthday bash gala show for 2008 in New York’s Central Park. At age 50, Napoleon was wasting in exile in St. Helena, and Lawrence of Arabia had been dead for three years. Vive le difference!

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