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Star Gazing


This Month's Birthday's

2008 Race to the White House

People in the News

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03:17 PM
Burbank, CA

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In the News:

Crossing Over
In Production
Sean Penn by John Townley

Astrologers are asking: why doesn’t Sean Penn play more comedy roles? That might seem a curious question about such an ardently serious dramatic actor, but it’s not without merit. When you see a strong Uranus, you usually find comedic talent, and for those who remember Fast Times at Ridgemont High, it’s certainly there. It’s one of his only comedy roles, but his second movie and a major launch vehicle to stardom.

Penn’s got Uranus conjunct the Sun and rising ahead of it, giving him a very edgy, brash nature, which could go well with comedy, but other parts of his chart have actually eclipsed the likelihood. Like Jupiter (planet of classical acting) rising in the first house, ruling the Ascendant and trine the Sun naturally pulls him into larger-than-life roles in the tradition of the stage, and a locomotive chart lead by Mars makes him a man of action who just can’t keep still, whatever he’s up to. It’s his only planet in air, but it’s prominent enough to make him furiously outspoken, if sometimes at a loss for enough of the right words to express his upsets and political indignation. If Mercury weren’t nicely sextile it, he might explode before finding the right word — sometimes does, anyway.

And, with Venus square Mars, he doesn’t have the playful sexuality that stars with easier aspects of those two usually display, and with Pluto thrown into the pot with Venus, there’s a constant inner power play going on that sends him to the more serious and less funny side of personal relations. When he wants something, he will have it, even through conflict. Add a wide opposition of dour but strong Capricorn Saturn to a sensitive Cancer Moon supported by Pluto, and you’ve got someone who feels too wounded and too serious about life, yet still certain of his way in it, to more than occasionally touch on the light side.

Current events: With his latest set of explosions behind him as progressed Mars passes his Moon, he’s got Jupiter favoring his Sagittarius Ascendant (and a Jupiter return), so he’s into building things (like a relationship with Hugo Chavez) more than blowing them up at the moment, despite his native inclination to do otherwise. But, as his progressed Moon moves into Aries later in the year, prefacing a transiting Jupiter hit to his Saturn (release of inhibitions) next year, expect him to blow out the afterburners again headed for a new level of political and creative orbit.

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