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2008 Race to the White House

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9:09 AM
Los Angeles, CA

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In the News:

The Good Shepherd
Angelina Jolie and Shiloh by Lynn Hayes

Originally published on Lynn Hayes' blog, Astrological Musings.

Like many people I watch Angelina Jolie with fascination. From her earliest days in the public arena with tales of bisexuality and self-mutilation she has appeared to be a wild and unusual woman. After having transformed herself into a representative of the United Nations and mother of a growing brood of international children with Brad Pitt, to whom she remains curiously uncommitted, she still has the power to capture our attention.

In my earlier profile of Brad and Angelina, I wrote of the conflict between their astrological charts and the fundamental lack of compatibility between them. Two people can have incompatible charts yet sustain a long-term relationship, but it takes either a lot of work or a lot of physical distance. Still, two years later they are still together despite the ongoing grinding of the rumor mill to the contrary.

The latest rumor claims that Angelina neglects Shiloh, her daughter with Brad Pitt, in favor of her adopted children. After Shiloh's birth, Angelina threw fuel on this fire herself when she said she was less inclined to feel for her own daughter because she has had such a privileged life so far as opposed to her adopted children. So let's take a look at the astrological dynamics between Angelina and Shiloh (you can read more about Shiloh's chart here).

Angelina and Shiloh both have the Sun in Gemini with its associated ability to adapt to any and all situations. Gemini is the shapeshifter, and Angelina has amply demonstrated her ability to shift in and out of roles and personas. Shiloh's Sun is unaspected (a "singleton" Sun) which suggests that she will make her own way in life but may find it difficult to establish her own identity and truly connect with another soul. Her father Brad also has a singleton Sun, and he is well known for blending with the identities of the women with whom he is involved.

Angelina has an Aries Moon, reflecting her independent (Aries) emotional (Moon) spirit, and her Moon conjuncts Mars and opposes Pluto. This is a complex system that indicates the possibility of emotional (Moon) conflict (Mars) and abuse (Pluto) in her early life, and also demonstrates difficulty in feeling safe in intimate relationships. Shiloh's Moon is in Gemini, harmonizing nicely with Angelina's, but it is conjunct fast-moving Mercury reflecting the many homes young Shiloh has had. The Moon in Gemini (especially conjunct Mercury, the planet of information processing) needs to communicate in order to feel secure, and a square of rebellious Uranus to the Moon/Mercury combination shows that both that Shiloh feels she cannot depend (Uranus) on her mother for emotional security (Moon), but also suggests a fiercely independent (Uranus) streak.

The most difficult aspect in Shiloh's chart is a retrograde Jupiter (faith and optimism) in Scorpio and in the eighth house of intense personal drama and intimacy. This Jupiter is squared by both Saturn (limitation) and Chiron (emotional wounding) which shows that at a fundamental level she may find it difficult to achieve a sense of meaning in her life. As a teenager she is likely to try to find this meaning via sexual relationships (Scorpio/eighth house) rather than within herself, but her innate independence (Gemini/Uranus) will make it difficult to truly achieve those intimate connections. But this dynamic does not come from her relationship with her mother.

The dynamics between Angelina and Shiloh are actually quite good — there is a sense of camaraderie and mutual understanding between them (Angelina's Sun/Mercury conjunct Shiloh's Moon). Angelina's Jupiter is in harmonious relationship (sextile) with Shiloh's Moon/Mercury, showing that Angelina expands Shiloh's horizons and that they enjoy adventures together. There is a great deal of mutual appreciation in this dynamic that goes a long way towards smoothing other difficulties between the charts, the most significant of which is a square of Uranus in Angelina's chart to Mars and Venus in Shiloh's. This suggests a likelihood that Angelina's radical behavior (Uranus) will stimulate anger (Mars) for Shiloh, and that they may be unable to sustain extended periods of intimacy (Uranus/Venus). Each of them has inner conflicts with intimate relationships and this will be played out in the relationship between them.

The chart dynamics between Angelina and Shiloh are generally positive ones and good indicators for an exciting and adventurous family life. Conflicts will only come when one of them seeks more intimacy from the other than either is willing to provide.

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