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Star Gazing


This Month's Birthday's

2008 Race to the White House

People in the News

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09:30 AM
St. Petersburg, Russia

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In the News:

2nd President of the Russian Federation
Vladimir Putin by John Townley

In traditional Western politics, the more open your life is to scrutiny, the safer your career and the more likely you are to succeed. This brings America a majority of presidents with planets high above the horizon and thus lives lived in plain sight, with Carter and the current Bush the only ones with unexamined inner agendas hidden in the 12th house, the worse for both of them as it has turned out. But Russiaís another ball park, and another game being played inside it. This Scorpio country has always favored power and skullduggery totally hidden from the people and the world at large, and so who better to lead it than Vladimir Putin, with a 12th-house stellium, including the Sun, in skillfully manipulative Libra all hidden away under a protective and secretive Scorpio Ascendant? Heís made for the trade. And, you can be sure, when Bush said he looked into Putinís soul, he was seeing just and only what he was supposed to.

Hey, this man was the head of the KGB, the organization that put Americaís CIA to shame for the duration of the Cold War. You donít expect him to be transparent unless youíre delusional. Heís got Pluto right up there at the Midheaven reminding everyone that heís easily in charge by force (itís trine Mars) and will use it on anyone in his way with total skill and even grace, as itís nicely sextile that slippery Mercury-Neptune conjunction in the 12th. And with Moon in Gemini, heís got a glib explanation for everything and truly can see and exploit all sides of any issue.

And on top of it all, heís good-looking. Well, not everyone might think so, but heís got Venus rising in sexy Scorpio and every time he takes his shirt off (which he does regularly), cameras snap, posters sell, and his female (and male) fan clubs break out into a sweat. Can you imagine Bush (or any other world leader) doing that? Heís the first head of state ever to hold a black belt in judo, and it shows.

Current events: Putinís most recent and still current challenge has been reinventing his methods of consolidating power, as Pluto has been sitting on his Mars, holding down his ability to act freely and forcing him to figure out a new approach, as with a progressed full Moon heís used his past methods to the max, anyway. Thatís just now finishing, so expect him to move without much opposition for the next couple of years to get the feel of it until Saturn sweeps his Sun and that 12th-house stellium starting in 2010. Until then heís got pretty much free rein to continue to dismantle democracy and aggregate more oligarchical power in truly Russian fashion.

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