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Star Gazing


This Month's Birthday's

2008 Race to the White House

People in the News

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10:00 PM
Seattle, WA

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In the News:

Microsoft Vista
Bill Gates by John Townley

Bill Gates’ chart is a real lesson in a rare and unique astrological pattern and what it implies for your life. Except for the Moon, all his planets are snugged up into a tight bundle, made up of a leading Uranus (technology, invention) followed by a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in the second house (huge money and power) and an island/stellium of six planets in Libra-Scorpio led by Mars (action) and finished by Venus-Saturn (extreme personal economy). Most bundle charts — which happen rarely, only when all the middle and outer planets happen to be close together — indicate people who squirrel themselves away in some world where they put all their eggs together into one basket, Johnny one-notes of which geekie techs are a prime example. If that were all there was to it, you’d expect someone here with an enormous amount of specific talent who throws it efficiently in one direction until he succeeds.

But toss in the Moon, which is a handle on this bucket-shaped chart, and you’ve got someone who takes all that technical and economic power and swings it around by his heart, the Moon, ruler of feelings, emotions, caring. Because the cluster that makes up the majority of the chart is so tight and the Moon closely opposes the center of it, the chart type has its own name: it’s called a “fan,” with the Moon being the handle of the fan. That intensifies and rarifies the effect, and it’s found mainly in highly motivated innovators who have an overreaching sense of destiny and duty to it, such as Richard Branson, Bob Dylan, Steve Wozniak, and John F. Kennedy. Here the driving handle of the fan is not just the Moon but a lightning Aries Moon which hits the firstest with the mostest, so if you’re going to become the biggest philanthropist there ever was, way ahead of the pack, that’s what it takes to do it.

Of course, you can’t say that everyone born with such a chart would become the richest man and most aggressive philanthropist in the world, or that he could have done it without Melinda’s help and guidance — but you can say that this is powerful rocket fuel to have blasting you off at birth, and your trajectory is going to be high in the sky, no matter what your guidance system turns out to be.

Current events: Gates’ progressed Moon and progressed MC have only just conjoined, so he’s going to spend at least a couple more years on his current public spending path, just now hampered a bit by transiting Saturn dumping on his Jupiter in the form of regulation judgments going against Microsoft in the EU. Still, he’s got plenty of time until he reaches progressed full Moon in 2016, when he’ll figure he’s pushed that direction to the max, and where he’ll go after that is anybody’s guess.

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