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Star Gazing


This Month's Birthday's

2008 Race to the White House

People in the News

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1:30 AM
Wallsend, UK

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In the News:

Police reunion tour
Sting by John Townley

Sting had starstuff in him from birth, marked by the tell-tale Venus-Mars conjunction that bestows charisma, sparkle, and flat-out animal magnetism. It’s the Hollywood celebrity signature that pops up so often in darlings of the media. How often? Well, here’s a list from just the celebrity outlines we’ve posted in just the last few months: Halle Berry, Al Pacino, Elton John, Uma Thurman, Tina Fey, Naomi Campbell, Hugh Laurie, Carly Simon, Merv Griffin, David Spade, Sandra Bullock, and even CIA superstar George Tenet.

So, before he ever picked up a bass, Sting was on his way with natural momentum. But how did he express that radiant magnetism? That’s in the shape of his chart, a bucket-pattern with a Jupiter handle, making him the type that hops from one blooming opportunity to the next, always seeing the bigger picture, rarely content to just mark time and repeat the same thing. But he does it in a gutsy and brainy way, with an emphasis on double-air Lights in Libra and lots of earth, leading with a fiery Leo Ascendant to drive his message home. No real water here (only Uranus, a generational indicator), so he’s not a touchy-feelie softie, and when he does emote it’s in a rough, blunt, edgy Uranus kind of fashion.

Except when he’s doing that Pluto rising control bit, which is where he started with in his appropriately named group The Police. A little bit of the paranoid jealous control-freak in “I’ll Be Watching You.” But with Moon conjunct Neptune, you know he’s really a dreamer, hence his considerable idealistic political and social involvements, and with Saturn conjunct and ahead of the Sun he not only takes himself really seriously, he also closely identifies with old, traditional, historical stuff, as you can hear not only in his folk-music influences but especially in his latest Elizabethan lute trip. Not too many rockers these days playing the music of John Dowland — except for Sting.

Current events: If you thought Sting couldn’t get any heavier and is just taking time out to recap his Police efforts, brace yourself. He’s headed for a progressed New Moon in about two and a half years, at which time transiting Saturn will be on top of both his Sun and Moon, so this means total inner and outer pressure to reshape and redefine himself yet again. If the mere Saturn transit to his Ascendant sent him all the way back to remodel himself in the image of the 1600s, what will this do? Rocket him back to Greece and Rome, or put him all the way back to Atlantis? Stand by…

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