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Star Gazing


This Month's Birthday's

2008 Race to the White House

People in the News

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03:22 PM
Boston, MA

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In the News:

The Bourne Ultimatum
Matt Damon by John Townley

Some stars get where they’re going by simple charisma, others by working like dogs, still others by sheer dint of education and talent. Matt Damon fall into the last category, for sure, as his chart is one of balanced abilities mixed with an intelligent facility to draw on all of them.

It starts out with being serious about things, and his bucket chart with Saturn as the handle shows that he may have a good sense of humor and a keen eye for subtle practical jokes, but he’s absolutely methodically engaged with getting each part of his act together. Mars leads the bucket, meaning he works hard at it, very hard, even though it may not seem to show. That’s also a natural talent as that Saturn is part of a grand earth trine with quiet, retiring Capricorn 12th house Moon and meticulous-and-determined Mars conjunct dogged Pluto, leading a five-planet, eighth house stellium, a pattern that makes for a personality that runs deep and taps on hidden inner resources.

He’s not one for show, lacking fire in the chart, so his message is carried through a balance of the other elements, though it can be hard to tell exactly what he’s really up to as he has Neptune conjunct the Midheaven in Scorpio, so whatever he’s really doing is cloaked in fantasies provided by others who want to believe what they like about him, something he doesn’t always go out of his way to refute (that’s the Scorpio part). Although a 12th house Moon can be trouble for a lot of people, causing inner feelings to bring on outer tangles, in his case it’s so solidly supported by both the trine to Saturn and the sextile to Venus that it serves as a perfectly controlled actor’s gateway to the subconscious.

Current events: He’s currently coasting through a stage where he’s enjoying the fruit of his labors without any particular planetary pressures forcing him into a corner or pushing him skyward to new heights. But, as Saturn heads over his bucket-leading Mars in a year or so and walks over the entirety of the rest of his planets (except Saturn itself) in the following seven years, he can expect to see plenty of demands ahead both on his talent and his patience at times. But with that strong Saturn, he’ll take it all in stride and, as usual, make challenging circumstances his friend.

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