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Star Gazing


This Month's Birthday's

2008 Race to the White House

People in the News

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1:30 AM
McComb, MS

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In the News:

Britney Spears by John Townley

For astrologers, the saga of Britney Spears is an object (and maybe abject) lesson in secondary progressions and what they can do to a young person whose inner work in progress is constantly featured on a brightly lit stage, 24/7. But to start with, a look at the chart these changes have played upon:

A bundle chart with Mars leading indicates an intensely focused, internalized and energetic personality, and with Mars-Mercury and Moon-Uranus both quintile, there is great coordination and timing, ideal for both the earlier gymnast and later dancer. Mars, however, is in the 12th house, so the moves she leads with, when she genuinely takes the lead and is not totally directed, will tend to get her into trouble until she learns what not to rush into. Sun and Moon are in easy sextile, so any parental home conflicts there might have fairly well passed her by. Venus and Mars are in trine which gives her under normal circumstances a fairly natural way of expressing her sexuality, except for the Venus square to Pluto which gives an urgency that makes her highly susceptible to both exterior and interior forces trying to use her for gain, strong-arming her a bit further than it might be advisable to go by playing on her personal needs. Although Jupiter is in water, it’s her only water, and hidden Scorpio water at that, so expressing emotion doesn’t come easy, though expression of almost everything else does. With Mercury conjunction Uranus, she’s likely to shoot off her mouth rather suddenly, so “Oops! I Did It Again” really is her motto, one that has not served her well. And, not to forget, she has the Saturn-Pluto conjunction that always ushers in a year-long generation of potential depressives (1947 being the last noted for it).

Current events: But the real story is in the progressions. She came to fame, logically enough, just as her progressed Mars moved over her Ascendant, with her progressed Moon conjunct Jupiter. But the slower hands of the progression clock were ticking, with progressed Ascendant moving first onto her Saturn and then her Pluto as the years moved along, bringing the inner dark side to light, made more difficult to deal with by living in a fishbowl. The Jupiter transit to her Ascendant brought her marriage and babies while under a confused transit of Neptune to her Moon, and all the while underneath she was headed for a progressed new Moon in 2005, which always means total life endings, an inner overhaul, and a subsequent new start. That’s not an easy thing to go through when you and the world thought you were on a beginning cycle (marriage, babies) when in fact you were on an ending one. The result? General self-destruction all around from being forced to live in two directions at once — and all the while Pluto has been transiting her Neptune, adding more grinding confusion (and drugs) in the mix. Any hope in this mess? Possibly, because the worst is over astrologically, at least until Saturn reaches her Mars and then Ascendant in a couple of years, again putting the pressure on. But the basic story here is not much different than what would-be media shrinks are making out: she’s a totally confused young person undergoing more than the usual life crises relentlessly prostituted by the moneymakers around her, and she’s just not up to the task. She’s not got the super 12th-house Sun, inner, misery-driven power of a Madonna (whom she emulates), she’s just Britney from the block, and it’s too late for her to go back home.

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