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Star Gazing


This Month's Birthday's

2008 Race to the White House

People in the News

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10:38 AM
Brooklyn, NY

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In the News:

Larry King Live
Larry King by John Townley

Larry King is not your normal kind of journalist, and his chart shows it. In fact, itís hardly the kind of chart you would expect to produce major and lasting success, and in fact it hasnít always done so. Both Moon and Mars in the 12th house suggest a person with a difficult lot and who causes a lot of his own troubles. This, in fact, has been the case, with a woefully afflicted and poor upbringing and a history of not only wife trouble but business partner dirty-dealings (Pluto in the seventh quincunx the Moon, but fortunately, at least, trine the Sun). These have included his oft-referred-to many marriages and a series of brushes with the law involving fraud, bad checks, and allegedly much more.

Yet throughout, with a determined Capricorn Ascendant with a socially gregarious Venus (trine Neptune) right on it, he has managed to ingratiate himself with a style that is at once down to earth and yet quite self-effacingly cooperative. Since heís got a bucket chart swinging by a third house Uranus handle, unusual and often oddball interviews have always been his trademark, from the moment he started picking random walk-in interviewees in his first, fledgling Miami radio show. Itís the opposite of what most journalists would be comfortable with, since research and previous knowledge of the subject is often critical to a good story, but with Mercury combust the Sun, Kingís mind (Mercury) is too close to his own personality (Sun) to stand back that far, and heís made that part of his signature style.

Itís a very restless, ambitious chart, with no less than three quincunxes (Pluto-Moon, Uranus-Sun/Mercury, Saturn/Neptune) which has kept him motivated and moving throughout his entire life, a person who really canít sit still, as laid-back as he appears to be. Jupiter trine Saturn has been his eventual economic saving grace, and that 12th house Moon trine Uranus has always guided him into the right, most original stories, and has attracted the most interesting people to him, many who are in trouble themselves and know he somehow understands. The Vertex conjunct the South Node does much the same, bringing fateful encounters that just naturally flow to him like mysterious karma on the move.

Current events: Itís no news to anyone that heís been on a roll for the last couple of years with transiting Jupiter over first his natal Jupiter, then his MC, then his Sun, this fall his Moon, and next year his Mars and Ascendant and then his progressed MC. Stay tuned to CNN, as thereís lots more to come from this indefatigable and strangely lucky individual.

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