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Star Gazing


This Month's Birthday's

2008 Race to the White House

People in the News

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9:32 PM
Toledo, OH

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In the News:

Mad Money
Katie Holmes by John Townley

Katie Holmes is a wonderful example of natural talents well-channeled and troublesome inclinations that have been handled sufficiently well (often by others) that they have caused minimum damage. With a self-sufficient bowl chart led by a well-aspected Jupiter (trine Mercury), she was smart as a whip in school but maybe because she was so good at noting what was required and going along with it. She’s got no air, so figuring it out and rationalizing it was clearly not her approach. But Ascendant trine Sun in fire is hot and comfortable, so the smart and gorgeous girl next door was her natural part, and her parts were often caricatures of her own character, as she herself has noted. Venus conjunct Uranus square Moon is the height of mind-changing spontaneity, even to the point of turning down the part of Buffy the Vampire Slayer because she had a school play commitment. Fortunately, Dawson’s Creek came along and saved the day. Perhaps she has more good sense than meets the eye.

Current events: She surely showed sense when expected to marry Chris Klein in 2005 as her progressed Moon was coming to the full she realized she’d gotten all the mileage she could out of the situation, cashed in her chips and moved on. Doubly good sense, because Pluto was headed for her natal Sun and about to completely transform her inside and out within the next two years. Don’t start up new things outside when things inside are actually coming to an end. That’s what astrologically happened to Britney Spears, she got it backwards, and look at her now.

That Pluto transit came in the form of Tom Cruise, who swept her off her feet and turned her from a teen icon into a mass market phenomenon (phenome-mom?). In the intelligent but uncertain Holmes, Scientology got its ideal recruit, and her elite Church of Scientology handler now monitors her every move. For Holmes, it all came at the cost of being more or less shut down under great public pressure concomitant with the rough transit of Saturn over all that Leo in her chart for the last couple of years. Fortunately, that’s past and she can relax and enjoy life a bit more, especially the transit of Jupiter to her Sun and fifth house which will allow her and Suri some time to come out and play.

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