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Star Gazing


This Month's Birthday's

2008 Race to the White House

People in the News

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6:31 AM
Shawnee, OK

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In the News:

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
Brad Pitt by John Townley

There is more than a little Robert Redford in Brad Pitt, with a fiery Sun (Redford’s is Leo) and a charming but laconic Capricorn Moon (Pitt’s is blest by Venus, Redford’s by Jupiter). But the comparison ends here, as Redford drips with water (Pisces Ascendant) and Pitt is actually rather shy of it (only generational Neptune, and that hidden in the 12th). Redford has a splash chart which led him on to produce, direct, and everything else under the Sun, all at once, while Pitt is much more unpredictably focused, with a Uranus-Pluto-led locomotive chart that always pushes him to the edge, immediately.

With Sagittarius Ascendant square that leading Uranus-Pluto conjunction, this guy is really a rough rider in the Teddy Roosevelt sense, and he’s always ready to go where life is the toughest (New Orleans right now) and has thoroughly kept up with wife Angelina in a leading humanitarian crusade through some of the world’s roughest and most dangerous areas. Aggressive Aries Jupiter takes both a square from tough Capricorn Mars and a trine from the devil-may-care Sagittarius Ascendant, so you can’t tell if he’s overdoing it or not, he’s so smooth — and that reticent but totally sharp and charming Moon-Venus-Mercury in Capricorn can ease his way through any situation with hardly a word or a fuss. You could say he’s a natural, but with incredibly rough, frontier edges that he somehow never lets get in his or anyone else’s way.

Current events: But what he’s been in the news most about &mdash namely his changeover from Jennifer Aniston to Angelina Jolie &mdash is truly the work of the planets, Pluto and the progressed Moon to be specific. In the middle of what was considered a rare, lasting Hollywood marriage, he found himself with a progressed full Moon, which usually indicates you’ve pushed your situation about as far as it can go and it’s time to cash in and move along. At the very same time, transiting Pluto was right on his Sun, sure indicator of an internal death of the personality and the rebirth of a whole new inner self. That’s just what happened, right on time, and Angelina was the gateway to his new universe. With astonishing self-perception and his usual quiet aplomb, he stepped right out of one world and into another, collecting his winnings along the way. Who says the stars aren’t on our side? It just takes the sense to cooperate and play their game, regardless of what others may say...

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