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Star Gazing


This Month's Birthday's

2008 Race to the White House

People in the News

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2:47 AM
Los Angeles, CA

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In the News:

Revolutionary Road
Leonardo DiCaprio by John Townley

Leonardo DiCaprio has a wonderfully talent-filled chart thatís strangely thready and selective in where it has impact. Itís a bit of a puzzle, starting with its shape, which is mostly a swath of planets extending from Libra to Sagittarius with Jupiter and Saturn hanging out off to either side making a general grand trine with Sun and Venus, Mars, and the MC. So, it could be looked at as a splash (diverse-talented) chart, or as a Jupiter or Saturn-handled bucket (more socially or economically driven). On top of that, itís got no earth (fearless perhaps to the point of recklessness, never boring) and no fire except generational Neptune (doesnít depend on inspiration alone). Basically, itís all water and air, so heís strong in both head and heart (or feelings, rather), which is where most of his acting seems to come from.

The main affliction is a square of Moon to Saturn, which could easily be seen as ďfather issuesĒ that inhibit the release of feelings — appropriate for a son with a father who was absent early through divorce, though still played a major part in his upbringing. But, with Jupiter and Saturn so supporting otherwise, itís overall a truly blessed chart, especially as far as success goes. Surely, one mightnít predict the likes of Titanic to come of it (DiCaprio himself was mystified, still canít even relate to the phenomenon, having Jupiter square Neptune), but you would expect the easy-and-motivated artist you see in all of his craftsman-like film efforts. He likes to think of himself, still, as an edgy actor (he is, with that sharp and original Mercury-Uranus conjunction), and heís always a person who takes action first, with Mars ahead of the Sun. Hence, he doesnít hesitate to get involved with the latest, forward-thinking social and political (especially environmental) projects. And, BTW, with all that Scorpio, having no earth has less of an effect of recklessness (Scorpios arenít careless) and more of magnified intensity without any easy way to bring it to earth.

Current events: Since Titanic didnít show up in his transits and progressions nearly as much as you would expect, it may be hard to predict whatís ahead. Heís a bit of a rogue in that respect. But, if the usual effects prove true, his progressed new Moon this year has put him on a totally new inner road which his recent projects will reflect more than anyone now suspects. Scorpios donít wear their hearts on their sleeves, and Libra Moon tends to be equivocating (as does Libra Ascendant), so their may be a lot more going on right now than heís letting on or is visible above the surface. Progressed Ascendant has just changed into Scorpio, as well, so you may have to wait to see the next set of movies before you find out what has been going on while they were being made.

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