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Star Gazing


This Month's Birthday's

2008 Race to the White House

People in the News

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7:30 PM
Lincoln, NE

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In the News:

Vice President of the USA
Dick Cheney by John Townley

If you ever thought a Pisces Moon makes for a pushover, Dick Cheney is the man to prove you wrong. In fact, with Neptune opposite that Moon, it was early on the signature of a troublesome, fight-ready alcoholic in the making, which got him arrested several times in the early years when his progressed Moon was first passing over his Mars. Sublimated into more acceptable channels, it subsequently characterized him as subtle and tricky — a trickier Dick than Nixon ever was. And, he’s a natural at it, as the Neptune is involved with a grand earth trine with Uranus and Venus, making the Moon the arrow in a “Cupid’s Bow” or “kite” formation — he uses every strategy, no matter how far out, to bring his quarry to ground, a true hunter type. With an overabundance of fixed planets (six of them) he doesn’t rush to chase after his prey, he stays in his cover and blazes away as it passes.

With a splash chart and planets all over the place, Cheney has proved he can play most any game and pull most any maneuver, though with a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (power and economics) square the Sun opposite Pluto in fixed signs, he tends to grind his axe until it’s past sharp and becomes dull again, thanks to diminishing returns and relentless pressure. There’s a lot of power games going on for their own sake that tend to lock him up and lock other people out. And, of course, Chiron fans will be amused that Chiron (the “wounded healer” Centaur, whose own weapon did him in) is right opposite the Vertex and conjunct Pluto…if he wasn’t such a good shot, he’d probably have missed his friend in that hunting accident…

Current events: After the next presidential election, we may not have Dick Cheney to kick around any more (or so he says), but in the meantime he’s going to be both under the gun and on the attack. He’s already had Saturn transit his Ascendant and it will be back to make its station there in the spring, putting big pressure on him physically and politically. Then, just in time for the heat of the political race and maybe another Mideast war in August (when Mars conjoins Saturn), his progressed Moon will pass over his Ascendant and he’ll be on the warpath, literally or figuratively. This old soldier (despite his draft deferment) has another campaign in him yet, and he’s ready to fight…

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