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Star Gazing


This Month's Birthday's

2008 Race to the White House

People in the News

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10:22 PM
Los Angeles, CA

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In the News:

He's Just Not That Into You (coming in Aug 2008)
Jennifer Aniston by John Townley

Jennifer Aniston, some might say, doesn’t have her feet on the ground. That’s because her only earth planet is generational Pluto. Folks short on earth tend to be risk-takers and go where angels fear to tread because they don’t know any better — and they are sometimes the more successful for it. But with Jennifer, that one Pluto in earth (Virgo) also happens to be the leading planet of a highly motivated locomotive chart and at the cusp of the 12th house of self-undoing. As sweet, mild, and easy as her Ascendant-Sun trine and Ascendant-Moon sextile make her seem, this girl’s a terror when she wants to be, and it doesn’t always work well for her — to the extent that she may have learned to keep it well under wraps.

But those major trines and sextiles — Moon is trine Saturn as well, and Mars/Neptune is in a grand trine with the MC and Chiron — give a passive quality to this chart, so that her career has been mostly about what has happened to her rather than what’s she’s done to individuate and take the reins in the face of adversity. She lucked into Friends and has essentially been floating ever since, including having been cut adrift by her much more ambitious husband Brad Pitt and subsequently drifting in and out of a “friendship” with Vince Vaughn. And, being one of the wealthiest women in Hollywood thanks to her sitcom bonanza, she hasn’t particularly needed to push to get herself back on track.

For all the gossip, with Jupiter, Uranus, the South Node, and Pluto all accenting her 12th house and opposite Venus and Chiron (for Chiron fans, it would certainly be an afflicter here), there’s a lot of secret conflict and possible sorrow going on that never reach the headlines. When you don’t have your feet on the ground, and everything else is passive, you tend to have a hard time getting going, though once pulled into the current of success (as with Friends), it’s easy to stay there. The key to Aniston’s future will be what comes along and snags her next, not what she will decide to do.

Current events: It was transiting Pluto crushing her Moon along with the end of her progressed lunar cycle, added to progressed Saturn on her 7th, in 2005 that left her out in the cold with Pitt. She’s now got progressed Moon in Aries, quite ready to do something active, but don’t expect a lot until Jupiter comes to move her back into the mainstream by hitting her Sun in 2009.

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