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Star Gazing


This Month's Birthday's

2008 Race to the White House

People in the News

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1:28 AM
Detroit, MI

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In the News:

Youth Without Youth
Francis Ford Coppola by John Townley

Francis Coppola is living proof that even a fragile upbringing can produce a tough guy if that’s what’s in the chart. The son of a concert flute-player, he had polio early on and spend much of his childhood making home-made puppet dramas. One might imagine that these ran more to the style of action figures rather than dolls, as his chart has rugged Mars in Capricorn right on the Ascendant. Combine that with an aggressive Aries Sun conjunct slow but determined Saturn, and you get someone who takes himself and the world very seriously, indeed.

But he’s not the sort to figure it all out ahead – certainly the dreadful morass he got himself into in filming Apocalypse Now against even the advice of former partner Roger Corman demonstrates it. That’s because he’s got no air at all in the chart, so talk doesn’t mean much to him, even when it should, and he is driven by gut-level instincts that push him to do what feels right, whatever the logic or lack of it. Impulsive Aries Mercury square Mars (and square Chiron, forming a T-cross) doesn’t help the situation, as he thus tends to make the same mistakes over and over again until he’s made them all and winds up with the right solution. But with a grand water trine of Moon, Jupiter, and Pluto, he feels his way through ever-larger scenarios until he gets it right.

And once he hits it, he sticks to it, as when Jupiter transited his Ascendant in 1972, the Godfather series began his first formula for success. His life before and ever after was experimentation in all sorts of other film drama, ranging as nearby as screenwriting and as far away as magazine publication, hotel investment, and winemaking – after all, he has a splash-pattern chart, which gives him multiple talents and inclinations across the board. But, in the end, the Godfather series was always the bread and butter he could come back to for refunding and rejuvenation.

Current events: He’s in a creative and experimental mood right now, with progressed Moon on his Uranus and Jupiter repeating its original Godfather Ascendant transit, so expect a spike in his work this year. But, the big story is a progressed new Moon approaching in two years, just as Pluto transits his Ascendant. Depending on health and choice, this could be virtual retirement or a total reinvention of himself and his craft. What he’s doing right now is finishing up – what comes after will be another story, entirely…

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