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Star Gazing


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2008 Race to the White House

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2:00 AM
Dublin, Ireland

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In the News:

In the Name of Love: Africa Celebrates U2
Bono by John Townley

Bono is many things to many people, a tough customer on the outside, a wounded heart within. His chart is characterized by its see-saw patterned focused on the opposition of his Moon-Neptune conjunction (emotional sensitivity, spirituality) in the 10th house of fame to his Sun and inner planets in the fourth house of home and foundations, from which spring a grand earth trine with Jupiter and Pluto, both significators of faith and hope, making a kite, or Cupid’s bow, the over-arching aspect pattern within the chart.

Foundations would be a pretty good word to sum up the whole chart, in fact, as his whole life has been about losing, re-finding, and newly forging foundations not only for himself (his mom died when he was barely a teen) but for others around the world through both music and philanthropy. With no earth in the chart, it’s not just a lot of talk, but a minimum of chatter and a maximum of action and accomplishment wherever he goes.

Saturn close to the Ascendant and ruling it puts a good deal of apparent formal distance between himself and the world (never without those shades, for a variety of both physical and emotional reasons) and it gives him the tough staying power outside that his grand earth trine displays inside. Further rough edges are applied to this otherwise very tailored character by Mars square Jupiter (he overreaches) and Sun square Uranus (he’s internally impatient, chafes at the bit, and doesn’t suffer fools well). Taken all together, you’ve got a remarkably fine-tooled and well-oiled spiritually-inclined powerhouse whose sometimes gruff exterior plays perfectly into the parameters of both his art and his life missions.

Current events: Jupiter loosens up that natal Saturn and rolls over his Ascendant this year, making whatever he does seem like the coming, totally connected, happening thing. That’s this year. But looming farther ahead is a transit of Pluto to his Jupiter in the following year which may largely shut down and reframe his ambitions and creative directions. His progressed Mercury then will be changing signs (into Leo) and about to go retro, so expect to see a lot of reshaping of what he does with his life. He’s reaching the end of his current tether and is about to be pulled back and swung into an entirely new direction.

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