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Star Gazing


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2008 Race to the White House

People in the News

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6:17 PM
Minneapolis, MN

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In the News:

21 Nights (book release Sept. 9, 2008)
Prince by John Townley

Sometimes an astrological chart hides more than it tells because it so perfectly describes its owner — and Prince would be just the perfect example. He definitely manages to be a “riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma” (to quote Churchill on Russia) all the while churning out an enormous amount of musical and lyrical information which, in the end, tells you little about the man. But then, he’s got all the attributes. A mysterious Scorpio rising, which always hides real intent, is ruled by Pluto exactly at the Midheaven (career and reputation) making an out-of-sign opposition to a wistful and mystifying Pisces Moon, both blocking and yet empowering emotion. Together they make a T-square with Mercury, both inspiring yet occluding lyrical intent and meaning, so that you come away after hearing a whole album full of prolific efforts without much more of an idea of who this person is than when you started.

The Sun may be in talkative Gemini, but it’s in the equally mysterious eighth house of both sexuality and the occult, strangled by an opposition from Saturn, with its main support coming from Jupiter posited in the secret twelfth house of pain and self-undoing. If you were looking for info there, forget it. So how did this guy get so prolific and ambitious — qualities he’s famous for? That’s easy to answer, but yields little concrete illumination. Neptune in the 12th both rules and is trine his Moon, allowing free flow of inner feelings in mysterious ways, but more important, it’s quincunx his career-driving Mars in its own sign of Aries in the creative, musical fifth house, adding a constant drive to do more, and stranger, of whatever possibly comes to hand.

Add to all that a splash-pattern chart, which diverts his efforts in every possible direction, and you’ve got enormous talent that’s always manifesting itself and yet can never be pinned down. With only Venus in earth he can perfectly manage funk, who’d have thunk? Yet the effect is always amorphous, ever mysterious, over a long and varied career during which not even his name remained stable.

Current events: With progressed Moon just passing Pluto, progressed Ascendant at natal Saturn, and transiting Saturn opposing his Moon, he’s been in a totally internalized, introspective mood now as he prepares his biography due out in the fall. After that, expect a pick-me-up phase as progressed Moon reaches the full three years later. There’s more to come from this one, but what it will be only a fool would try to pin down…

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