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Star Gazing


This Month's Birthday's

2008 Race to the White House

People in the News

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8:44 AM
Owensboro, KY

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In the News:

'Sweeny Todd' now on DVD
Johnny Depp by John Townley

Johnny Depp isn’t just one person — he’s a whole lot of them. With any good actor that should, of course, be the case, but this guy isn’t just flexible in his acting roles, he applies it to life. That’s what a splash-pattern chart will tell you, and he lives it out in his many roles as not just an actor, but originally and still a musician, a winemaker, a restaurateur, a producer, even with a late stint as a road manager for Hunter S. Thompson.

But whatever it is, whenever it happens, it’s unusual, detailed, and intense. That’s the signature of Mars, Uranus, and Pluto all together in Virgo. This gunman takes careful aim and shoots to kill, and with a dark ease allowed by that stellium being in grand trine with a deadly serious Capricorn Moon and a Taurus Midheaven. Whatever he does, he plays for keeps — yet with the delicate and graceful Mercury-Venus conjunction in the tenth house, it’s never coarse or brutal, despite the darkening square to Saturn, even when he’s playing the most heinous of characters. This is the original Mack The Knife, though he took the part in Sweeney Todd and played it there instead. You would think he’d tend to overplay a part, with Moon square Jupiter, but there’s that Neptune in there, sextile the Moon and quincunx the Jupiter that both stabilizes and stretches the energy and slingshots it out into another world both wonderful and strange.

Above all, remember that despite a fire Ascendant and an air Sun, this guy is almost entirely earth, so however weird he gets, he’s got both feet (and maybe more) on the ground.

Current events: Although the Pirates of the Caribbean series has rocketed him to fame, there’s motion of every sort raining down from above. In progress just this year: a progressed lunar return, progressed Moon over progressed Ascendant, progressed Mercury to natal Ascendant, progressed Sun approaching natal Mars, progressed MC to natal Sun. And that’s just progressions, all of them of the spotlight-grabbing kind. Transit-wise, Neptune’s on his Saturn and Jupiter will be there next year, so he’ll be slipping his cable and sailing out in more ways than one. For all his quiet composure, this life is a riot that’s not about to slow down any time soon. Should be fun to watch…

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