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Star Gazing


This Month's Birthday's

2008 Race to the White House

People in the News

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9:45 AM
Hong Kong, China

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In the News:

The Forbidden Kingdom
Jackie Chan by John Townley

To say Jackie Chan is a fighter would be the understatement of all times. Born in poverty in Hong Kong, he rose struggling through an austere classical education while fighting Hong Kong’s gangland mob, the Triads, who wanted to take both his money and his life. Not surprisingly, his chart is a series of oppositions to be overcome and integrated into his life: among them Venus opposite Saturn 12-6 (poverty and danger) and Mars opposite Jupiter (hugely overstated energy and style). Throughout, the T-square of Aries Sun with Uranus and Neptune displays his long struggle with striking a balance between precise action (Uranus) and fantasy (Neptune), as he pursued countless attempts to get his image and his directing right and finally break into the American film market. With Uranus on his South Node and a nimble, light-hearted Gemini Moon and Ascendant, it was a combination of action and humor never before seen that served up success for him at last.

With a loose grand fire trine of Sun-Mars-Pluto with the Mars-Jupiter opposition firing out of it like an arrow from a bow, his physical talents know no bounds and unlike so many with Sun in Aries, he never runs out of energy. Perhaps that’s because his splash-type chart distribution means that he’s always got something happening by transit or progression, without the longer gaps that more tightly distributed charts exhibit. That also means multiple efforts and talents going on all at the same time, so he’s more than just an actor, or director, or writer, or producer — he’s all that and more. Particularly when it comes to sharing his hard-earned wealth with those who are still on the bottom rungs of poverty where he came from as a child. His charity efforts are legend, and ongoing from moment to moment even as he’s working on far-flung sets. His humanitarian concerns are always at the fore, as his charmingly soft-spoken but deeply thoughtful website and diary daily demonstrate.

Current events: He’s currently putting together what may be his biggest film effort, finally teaming up with martial arts legend Jet Li, a production that will be hard work indeed with Pluto transiting his Mars this year. His progressed Sun to his natal Moon and progressed Moon to his natal Sun indicate a whole new Chan in the works, which should turn up as he reaches progressed New Moon over the next couple of years. For all the struggle and accomplishment that’s gone before, this is still a work in progress and there’s a lot more to come from this energetic and philosophical life performer.

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