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Star Gazing


This Month's Birthday's

2008 Race to the White House

People in the News

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12:05 AM
Liverpool, England

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In the News:

'Liverpool 8' (2008)
Ringo Starr by John Townley

If rock and roll is defined by solid beat, solid beat is defined by Ringo Starr. Despite a droopy-eyed and elusive, self-effacing Pisces Ascendant in opposition to its ruler Neptune, everything else in his chart is the astrological picture of internally-grounded unmoveability. The vast majority of his planets are in fixed signs and succedent houses, the picture of stability and dogged determination, and a bundle chart led by tactile second-house Jupiter and Saturn adds even more internal independence and strong focus.

And, if you want to lay down a forceful musical track, what more could you ask than a Leo stellium in the fifth house lead by Pluto and Mars? That’s a steamroller that comes over you like an unflinching tsunami. Indeed, it’s important to remember this far along that the idea of a drummer being not only the driver but the integral rhythmic arranger of a pop group was brand-new when the Beatles arrived. For the first time ever, if you took out the rest of the instruments and left only the drum track, you could identify the song, it was that important to the arrangement. With that combination of Pluto-Mars (force, drive) and Jupiter-Saturn (structure), it makes perfect sense.

So does his progression from a sickly childhood, when the affliction of Neptune to his Ascendant held sway, right up to his internal transformation as progressed Sun passed natal and progressed Pluto and he blossomed into a star in his own right with Rory Storm and then his own band, just before the Beatles snagged him. And when they did, in the fall of 1962, as transiting Jupiter lurked in his twelfth house, he suddenly found himself on a rocket ride when Jupiter passed his Ascendant the next spring and the group took first Britain, then the world, by storm. The rest is history, although some not so well-known. Although it was George Harrison leaving the group when his progressed Sun went into Aries that finally ended the group, Ringo was the first to leave it for a while in 1968, just at his progressed new Moon, when he was fed up with the internal dissension going on, so that McCartney had to play drums on several cuts of The White Album. It was the same progression that when repeated led him to a several-album individual comeback in 1997-98.

Current events: The Pluto transit to the MC has not served him well, with negative remarks alienating him from his native Liverpool, but that transit of the Galactic Center didn’t do McCartney very well, either, opposing his Sun and sparking his costly divorce. The transit to watch out for is Uranus coming to transit Ringo’s Ascendant over the next year or so, which should bring surprises yet to come on the face of this oldest yet most enduring of Beatles. Let’s hope it will be another reinvention and not just more stormy weathering…

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