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Star Gazing


This Month's Birthday's

2008 Race to the White House

People in the News

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Birth Time Unknown (12:00 pm was used to run the reports)
New York, NY

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In the News:

National Park Service (NPS)
Smokey the Bear by John Townley

Smokey the Bear is hotter than ever this summer season of almost non-stop forest fires across America. In fact, “There is no more fire season anymore,” California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently warned, indicating it’s become a 12-month conflagration that never really dies down, requiring year-long funding and control.

Leading the firefighting cause and rallying its troops has been Smokey’s job since his birth from the pen of popular magazine illustrator Albert Staehle on August 8, 1944 (the date of the first poster’s national release with great fanfare, and ever since considered the bear’s birthday, though we don’t have an exact birth time (!). He was named after “Smokey Joe” Martin, who was the assistant chief of the New York City Fire Department from 1919 to 1930.

He’s got the chart of a dedicated leader and fighter, with both Sun (inspiring Leo) and Moon (activist Aries) in fire signs and a fiercely independent bowl-pattern chart centered around the lunar nodes, all about taking responsibility and reaping the consequences. Despite his nearly-impossible mission, he’s got dogged faith (for a bear) in his success, having Pluto rising ahead of the Sun and in wide conjunction to it. As is usually the case, the planet ahead of the Sun early came to transit the Sun’s place (at his second Mars return) and it triggered his greatest transformation in 1950 when a real bear cub survivor of a forest fire was discovered and nicknamed after him, bringing his cause to national fame and turning him into a media star on radio (backed by country swing greats The Sons of the Pioneers), TV, and the movies. The rest, as they say, is history and has made Smokey an abiding part of memory for every generation since.

With Mercury, Chiron, and Mars all conjunction in Virgo, his message (Mercury) is about the wounding (Chiron) that fire (Mars) can do triggered by the smallest match (Virgo) in a sudden and terrible accident (all square Uranus). Like his firefighters, he never has enough water (only one planet in a water sign, and that’s stingy Saturn), but does all he can with every strategy at hand (especially that shovel). He has a warm and generous heart (Venus conjunct Jupiter) and wears his feelings on his sleeve (trine Moon in Aries), quick with praise for children and enthusiastic for his cause among adults.

Current events: He’s having another Mars return this summer, just in time for another big publicity push, but it’s going to be a hard row to hoe, thanks to transiting Saturn running right along with it over his Virgo stellium. He and his armies of valiant volunteers will be doing everything possible to keep the flames at bay in the months (and years) to come, but he still wants to remind you that, “Only you can prevent…” (OK, cue the chorus). Go visit him and see what he’s up to at!

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