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Star Gazing


This Month's Birthday's

2008 Race to the White House

People in the News

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7:00 AM
Plains, GA

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In the News:

'A Remarkable Mother' (2008)
Jimmy Carter by John Townley

You can’t have a general election without the living ex-presidents making the scene, and Jimmy Carter has so far not disappointed, though perhaps not as high-profile as Bill Clinton. His chart was analyzed to death by astrologers when he was in office, but not recently, though it has some uniquely instructive qualities.

Perhaps most notable is his Sun tucked away in the 12th house, which is rare among presidents. Of all the presidents with known birth times (which includes most of the 20th century) only George Bush shares that solar position. That’s unusual because it actually happens much more frequently among the populace at large, as the rising Sun tends to expedite births. It is sufficiently troublesome that it makes its natives less likely to rise to public heights, both because it indicates more than usual personal troubles and also makes for a more inward-oriented style that simply doesn’t care that much about achieving fame unless destiny demands it. In both presidential cases, it was destiny (or a Higher Cause) that spoke, as both are born-again Christians, also unique for the presidency. Their agenda is not their own, or so they believe, and that has its pluses and minuses, as members of both parties will likely attest.

Natural talent and empathy is strong here, as the chart features a grand water trine of Moon, Uranus, and Pluto, and with Saturn in Scorpio rising in the first house, he takes his personal mission very seriously, indeed, though that Scorpio and the 12th house Sun means he plays his cards close to his chest, which has served him well in the political arena. Yet, with Libra actually on the Ascendant, he can charm anyone without a whisper of the calculating Scorpio lying just beneath. And, with a splash chart, he’s a man for all seasons and it’s no wonder he blossomed after leaving the presidency.

Although he’s got a taste of all the elements, only Mercury is in earth, so he can talk practicality but is at heart an idealist and an empathizer, especially with that elevated Neptune in the 10th house. And, idealism is his lifetime calling as that Neptune is right with Venus on the North Node (undertakings, responsibilities) in the house of career. His actions to follow through on it can be sporadic, as his Mars is opposed in Aquarius, which may account for his failure to be reelected, though Pluto beginning its transit of his Ascendant in 1980 may be the more likely culprit.

Current events: 2002’s Jupiter transit to his Midheaven and 10th house planets brought him the Nobel Peace Prize, and progressed Sun conjunct progressed Jupiter and progressed Ascendant with transiting Jupiter there as well this last year has fired him anew and set him on the road again visiting foreign leaders to broker peace. Transiting Pluto, however, is hard on its heels, which may bring its own changes in the next year or so, perhaps not so promising. This is a resource to be treasured while it’s still around for us to benefit from…

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