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Star Gazing


This Month's Birthday's

2008 Race to the White House

People in the News

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8:30 AM
Scranton, PA

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In the News:

'Promises to Keep' (2007)
Joseph Biden by John Townley

Joseph Biden, despite being a public figure, is a very private person, largely because of that secretive-Scorpio stellium of Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars in his hidden twelfth house. It is the most difficult of houses and those with placements there have some serious challenges to surmount, sometimes of their own doing but often from sheer, cruel fortune. The latter was certainly the case when Biden’s wife and daughter were tragically killed in an auto accident just as he had been elected to office, exactly as progressed Mars hit his Ascendant. He also had to overcome stuttering and a rough-and-tumble childhood in order to get even that far, then faced near-fatal brain aneurisms later in life. Add to that Chiron conjunct the North Node and you’ve got someone who is always taking responsibility not just for his own pain but for the suffering of others in the public arena, and does it for a living (it’s in the tenth house).

And, with the majority of personal planets tied up in secret Scorpio in the 12th it’s not surprising that he never moved into the Washington scene but always kept his private home life apart from it, commuting back home to Wilmington, DE at the end of each day. But that’s not the part of Joe Biden you get to see (or it wouldn’t be private), and a smiling Sagittarius Ascendant greets you instead, along with a down-to-earth Taurus Moon that responds (sometimes at great length, thanks to a square to Jupiter) to every question with charm and yet gutsy sincerity. That’s his only planet in earth, but it more than does the job, probably because it is the leading planet in this highly-motivated locomotive chart.

What else jumps out? There’s that angular Saturn-Uranus conjunction, whose cycle marks major scientific discoveries, which is the essence of analysis and structure, reducing complex issues to addressable facts and organizing actions to suit them. And, it’s trine his tenth-house Neptune which makes idealism his professional star but with a very grounded, no-nonsense kind of approach. Jupiter is trine his Sun-Mercury-Venus which helps turn some of the inner tragedies into positive solutions, but his Mars is square Pluto, so he’s not averse to a fight and forcing an issue, though he doesn’t usually profit from that approach.

Current events: His progressed Moon is just rounding his MC this fall, so win or lose, he’s another rung up the public ladder of fame, but transiting Saturn is right at the same spot, so it’s no bed of roses, either with both responsibility and public enemies making the scene. Uranus at the same time is opposing Saturn, right on his IC (4th house cusp, home), which often denotes a move. Is it possible to commute as VP? Well, that might be stretching it…

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