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Star Gazing


This Month's Birthday's

2008 Race to the White House

People in the News

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01:45 PM
Manhattan Beach, NY

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In the News:

Lipstick Jungle
Brooke Shields by John Townley

With Venus conjunct the Moon high at the Midheaven, Brooke Shields was bound to become famous just for being Brooke Shields — that’s a sure indication of fame through charm (Venus) combined with emotional accessibility (Moon). Virgo rising only adds to the impeccability of presentation that started her out as a model, and with Jupiter leading and conjunct the Sun, there were few limitations on the potential she could crank out, especially where the media is concerned (Sun, Moon, North Node, Venus, Jupiter, and MC all in Gemini).

Yet, there’s a distinct dark side to Brooke, strongly obvious with Pluto and Uranus with Mars in the 12th house of inner bondage opposite Saturn uncomfortably adrift in Pisces. For some, this might mean a totally private side where troubles lurk, but here the opposition is square the Nodes and the MC alignment, so it is bound to make itself publicly known. At first it seemed it was only about overly dark career roles, as she played highly sexualized characters while still very young, something that led to scandal and investigations about possible underage pornography for the parts she played in Pretty Baby and Blue Lagoon. Ironically, as she later revealed, she didn’t even lose her virginity until she took time off to get a degree at Princeton University.

But these were really only the surface aspects of her lifelong struggles with things Saturnian and Plutonian, especially including post-partum depression, part of a family history of the condition which she courageously brought public to help others with the same problem. With Taurus-Mercury trine the Ascendant, she’s always been able to get her message across and stick with it, even when publicly challenged by the likes of Tom Cruise. She just smiles, brushes it off, and doesn’t get flustered (not in her nature, as there’s no fire in the chart).

Current events: 2005 was a major crisis year, as her progressed Moon conjoined transiting Pluto going into her fourth house of home and family, opposing her natal Moon and MC, during which time the depression issues were aired and all the controversy which went with it. Right now she’s reaping her rewards as she moves toward progressed Full Moon in that house by this time next year. Heavy pressure to produce again won’t be on again until 2009, when Saturn hits her Ascendant.

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