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Star Gazing


This Month's Birthday's

2008 Race to the White House

People in the News

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09/09 AM
Los Angeles, CA

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In the News:

The Good Shepherd
Angelina Jolie by John Townley

Like so many superstar celebrities, Angelina Jolie has a larger-than-life horoscope that jumps right out at you with strong, obvious qualities. Venus exactly on a stormy and emotional Cancer Ascendant is usually a guarantee of physical beauty and personal attraction, and doesn’t fail to deliver that here. How she conveys that beauty is out of the ordinary and not always along expected lines, since the Venus-Ascendant is in tight square to Uranus. You just can’t tell what her next move is going to be. Moon, Jupiter, and Mars all elevated in impetuous Aries make for a strong (Mars) and overstated (Jupiter) reaction (Moon) to the world at large, and being right at the Midheaven (reputation) she was bound to become famous for it. Her instinct to go all the way, right away, is spelled out here, as is the certainty that everyone’s going to hear about it rather quickly. With that cluster making the opposition to Pluto (force), she is willful to the max in the way she handles it.

Further than that, she has never seen any reason not to go all the way, regardless of what others might think were risks and dangers, as her chart has no earth in it, so there’s nothing connecting her with the ground and making her cautious or sensible. At the starting line, there is a loose cannon waiting to happen, with nothing to tie it down.

Problematically, the Sun, the heart of the personality, is not initially so strong as to carry it all off, especially being opposite Neptune, which gives it a more dreamy, mystical quality that has led her off into acting out some to the craziest fantasies along with following some of the greatest human ideals of the spirit. As that Jupiter-Moon-Mars stellium rises well ahead of her Sun, she’s out of the frying pan and into the fire before she really knows she’s gotten into either one.

This overkill set of aspects could be enough to kill anybody, and it nearly killed her, until she got hold of the balancing arm of the chart, the last great obvious feature it has to offer. She’s got the three outer planets, ruling greater social and humanitarian progress and enlightenment on one side of her chart, and all the personal planets on the other, constantly exchanging power from personal to transpersonal. By opening herself up to the higher powers and letting them swing the rest like a handle, she’s learned to let herself be guided by greater and deeper instincts, thus magnifying her abilities and stabilizing her at the same time.

Current events: Her crisis years personally and professionally were the period leading up to the millennium, when Saturn swept her MC stellium and she was inundated with public and personal restrictions, which by 2000 were replaced with a strong Jupiter transit that broke her out of the dark and into the limelight. And as Jupiter made its journey from MC to Ascendant, she moved into the world of humanitarian efforts like a comet in the sky, which sealed her success. Recently, however, with Saturn having spent the last two years over her Ascendant and into her first house, she’s had all she can handle, quite physically, with more on her plate than any normal person could cope with. Progressed Mars right on her Ascendant now has given her the extra, indefatigable strength needed to manage it all. The next big news is two years in the offing, with a progressed new Moon at the degree of her natal Saturn which will take her into yet another new life, probably focusing on historical and aging issues, having done all she could with her current cycle of international fame and personal mission. Keep your eyes peeled…

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