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Star Gazing


This Month's Birthday's

2008 Race to the White House

People in the News

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11:45 AM
Milton, MA

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In the News:

Bush Clinton Katrina Fund
George Bush, Sr. by John Townley

Anyone looking at George Herbert Walker Bush’s chart as a young man would be able to tell he was bound to go far, financially and politically. The first thing you spot is a grand air trine of flexible Gemini Sun in the tenth house (career, reputation) with carefully manipulative Libra Moon and Saturn in the second house (money, resources), and broad-spectrum Aquarius Mars with the gift of the South Node in the sixth (daily work, bureaucracy). Here is someone who takes what he has plenty to begin with and easily puts it all together through working his way up the available structure of life.

With a meticulous Virgo Ascendant, and cautious if amiable Moon-Saturn, he’s a rules-player, yet has a persistently odd and risky side with Uranus square the Sun that perhaps showed up in his dangerous doings in the air in WWII and still today jumping out of planes for recreation. With as much talent as he has and a multi-faceted splash chart, he can do most anything he sets his mind to and the more variety the better.

There is yet another piece of his chart that led him into the CIA, and that’s Moon square Venus (a mark of the dissembler) and Venus conjunction Pluto, which gets things done by going underground. So, secret and deceptive networks were his cup of tea, which inclinations also helped him later in quietly building an alliance for war against Iraq.

Current events: But that’s all well-known history. He had to be mentioned now, however, because of a couple of real peculiarities surfacing now. First, it’s worthy of note that his son George, Jr.’s progressed Sun and his run precisely together, within a degree and a half, the younger’s just a bit ahead of the elder’s, right now 10-12 Virgo. There is no lack of contact here, even when they’re not talking. But with natal Saturn-Moon, dad is slow to boil, while son with Jupiter-Moon pops off too quickly. However, that joint progressed Sun is just this year coming over dad’s natal Ascendant while his progressed Scorpio Moon comes over his progressed Ascendant. Over the next few months, this old man is going to be coming out of his shell more than just by touring with Clinton. Saturn will be right there on top of it all, along with a Uranus return reprising his natal square, so it’s going to be a difficult and perhaps explosive show, perhaps for both a feistier father and more truculent son. Dad may be getting on in years, but with Mercury in the last degree of a sign, like Joan Rivers, he may have the last word, yet again.

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