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Star Gazing


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2008 Race to the White House

People in the News

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9:43 AM9:45 AM

Van Nuys, CA

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In the News:

Bond 22 (Rumored)
Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen by John Townley

Since twins, astrological or biological, are always a subject for astrological speculation (is it nature, nurture, or astral?), the Olsens are a must for astrologers to follow, especially as their Suns are in the very sign of the twins, Gemini. Astrologically, born only two minutes apart, there is no difference between them except the degree of the Vertex, but that being one of the strongest fate points in the chart could be quite enough, especially as Pluto is just moving off there, having shut out fated opportunities first for elder Ashley and then younger Mary-Kate, for about six months apiece, in early and late 2006. What happened then may tell the tale in years to come. Was it the geographical split between them, with the elder going east and younger west (and back to weight problems)?

One of the major splits between them, which many don’t realize, is that they’re not identical twins, but fraternal (or perhaps, some speculate, the result of polar body twinning, an already split egg then fertilized). So, genetics is one step less important and the astrological influence steps further up in importance. The urge to act identical is strongly star-driven in proportion. The chart is a see-saw type, wherein the character tends to flip back and forth from one role to another, to exchange personalities. And the talent to carry it off with precision is greatly aided by Moon at zero of Virgo, so that they react very specifically and precisely to the same situation and can match each other seamlessly down to the specific word and gesture. Yet, it’s not genetic, it’s somehow quite studied — and certainly encouraged from an early age when they were exchanged on camera as babies to follow strict child labor law rules. That’s also a part of a grand earth trine with the MC and Neptune, so tricking people was bound to be a fundamentally easy and popular thing for them to do.

Current events: The challenge of the chart is the T-square of Sun-Jupiter-Uranus, which is about individuation and ego-personality tangles and self-discernment — and with the transit of Uranus headed to trigger it this coming year, expect to see the differences between them really start to show off. Already, elder Ashley has progressed Ascendant moved into Virgo just a half a year ahead of her sister, getting more specific and delineated and less playful, and in a much more focused East Coast context than her sister. When you’re making $40 million a year, how much of a wedge could that mean? Small differences and opportunities tend to magnify and snowball, so you may expect that the elder will use her micro-thin first-on-the-scene edge to spiral up a notch and make her own world seem ever more clearly hers, as they both together endure some choppy waters from joint transits.

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