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Star Gazing


This Month's Birthday's

2008 Race to the White House

People in the News

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9:51 AM
Queens, NY

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In the News:

Feud with Rosie O'Donnell and The Apprentice
Donald Trump by John Townley

The secret of Donald Trump’s chart is all about not having enough, although externally you would think that’s the least of his problems. It’s also about being willing to risk it all without thinking twice to get it. Put the two together, and that’s Donald.

Of course the secret of his success was having it to begin with, with a Full Moon in broad Sagittarius conjunct the South Node of old rewards, free gifts. He started out rich, but he’s never felt that way — as Venus conjunct Saturn will tell you. Folks with that never feel they have enough of what they need (or they want more than they have), so they learn to make more out of less. In the hidden 12th house, that’s why it’s his secret. Out front, it’s a well-connected (11th house, North Node) Sun in maneuverable Gemini opposite a gambler’s Moon in the fifth house, and when you put those together with a chart with no earth at all, he’ll bet on an inside straight any day of the week, while others more sensible fold, leaving him to rake in the pot even if he’s got nothing. Of course, every now and then he misses totally, but he’s smart enough to use a corporate front, so the corporation goes bankrupt, not (technically) him.

A bowl chart with its head half about the horizon line makes him totally self-sufficient and only partly public, despite his broad public relations image, and Uranus ahead of the Sun makes him both abrasive and highly innovative. Mars rising and trine the Moon shows him to be an indefatigable worker whose first reaction is to throw himself into the job with 100% effort. That also gives him his combative streak, because if anything gets in his way, that Leo Mars with Leo Ascendant just roars and rolls over the competition, or tries to, anyway. Mercury, however, is square Neptune, so his head is not always as clear as it ought to be when he opens his mouth, which finds him putting his foot there at times, but also being willing to admit it now and then. It also makes him sincere but sometimes untrustworthy, because he’ll totally change his mind while only seeing himself as refining his opinion. That can leave those dealing with him in the lurch if they’re not careful.

Current events: Saturn has been grinding away at that Leo Ascendant and Mars, lending a negative and sometimes spiteful taste to his image, especially in the tangles with Rosie O’Donnell, and crippled his ability to push through The Apprentice successfully for another season. Saturn’s also recently been sitting on his progressed Sun which had brought that show to the forefront in the first place, and his face to daily TV, when it hit his Ascendant just three years ago. Nevertheless, Jupiter will be blowing out the wind in his comb-over mane later this year, hitting his Moon and South Node, so expect him to rebound with yet another blustering gamble that rides the popular tide.

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