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Star Gazing


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2008 Race to the White House

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12:55 PM
Culver City, CA

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In the News:

Then She Found Me
Helen Hunt by John Townley

An absence of an element (earth, air, fire, or water) in an actor’s chart is always a bit of a mystery, since if you lack a large a major quality of life in real life, how do you play it on the screen? Of course, acting craft is often designed to work its way around things like that. You use what you’ve got and reconstruct the rest — that’s why you don’t find a lot of method actors who lack water, since the Method is all about just letting your feelings hang out. Hard to do that if it doesn’t come naturally.

Helen Hunt is just such an anomaly (but she’s in good company with a lot of Shakespearean actors, who frequently lack water, make up for it with artifice). Her only water is generational Neptune in Scorpio, which is quincunx Aries Jupiter (generically the planet ruling acting), so she always seems to push at her emotions, which don’t quite seem to come gushing out, although with Moon also there she’s always quick with a response. In fact, those emotions are gut-wrenchingly tied up in a Mars-Uranus-Pluto stellium in Virgo in the 12th house of hidden sorrow, which is square that unique signature of design and grace, the Mercury-Venus conjunction. It’s like she’s always trying to say something urgent but can’t quite get it out, however perfectly she relates it. That’s added to a very particular Virgo Ascendant square her verbal but not overly feeling Gemini Sun, so she’s always trying to restate her position, exactly, again. When played for comedy, with that Uranus square (you’ll always find Uranus prominent in comedians), that means there’s always a hidden surprise, which sneaks up on you like Maxwell’s hammer.

In playing serious drama, however, it’s frustrated containment trying to get free, blocked flow stifled by all too much skill at controlling things. Add a Saturn trine to that Sun, and you’ve got a solid and enduring craftsman who has both wicked humor and staying power, a sledge hammer with a Hepplewhite handle, which can be equally deployed against herself as another and therefore rings of tragedy. And a splash-type chart means no one is safe from her talents, because she can point herself anywhere and everywhere.

Current events: With Mars just progressed into Libra and Ascendant and Moon both recently moved into Scorpio, emotional relationships are suddenly taking on a new flavor, so although the feelings are still boiling below, it shows enough on the surface to pull you inexorably in, and a new set of roles may already be in the wind for her as a result. Expect A Good Woman to be the last of her former set, and Then She Found Me (already Oscar buzz on that one for her and Bette Midler) to be the beginning of the next round.   

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