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Star Gazing


This Month's Birthday's

2008 Race to the White House

People in the News

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6:07 PM
Rome, Italy

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In the News:

The Accidental Husband
Isabella Rossellini by John Townley

Isabella Rossellini, although a widely talented actress, is type-cast by her own chart — and then, on top of that, really doesn’t care where even that leads her, because she is a creature totally given to fate. Part of that may have come from being the child of Ingrid Bergman and then going on to marry Martin Scorsese — who would have an ego left after that intimate family competition? It would be enough to destroy you.

Yet it is inner destruction of the Pluto kind, sex and death combined, that has shaped her — forcibly shaped her, as in the case of having to beat childhood scoliosis. With an implacable Pluto square dug-in but expanding Taurus Moon and Jupiter, it’s like an oak tree slowly raising its roots to destroy a stone sidewalk, both opulent and decadent at the same time, forces of nature wrenching each other in constant, captive pressure. Indeed, it was the captive pressure theme of Blue Velvet that launched her late acting career after she had long been a successful model (and that, despite her physical struggles with scoliosis). With surface-light Sun in Gemini trine smoldering Mars in Scorpio, she has such tossed-off delicacy that belies dire tumult underneath that it’s impossible not to be seduced by her, or by the implications of her situation. With Mercury square imprisoning Saturn, she can’t quite put it into words, which makes it the more compelling.

Part of her power may come from having Sun right along the Galactic Center axis, which makes people who are driven by greater powers than themselves. Further evidence of that is from the Nodes sticking out in the center of her otherwise-bowl chart, giving her total self-reliance (the bowl) mixed with a total held by fate (the nodes), utterly undefended in the open on one end and clutched tight by deathly Pluto on the other. Heavy, Incorporated.

Current events: You may not have heard as much from her as you’re used to because she’s undergoing one extra-heavy period in her life right now. A progressed T-square of Moon, Sun, and Mars focused on transiting Saturn has her locked away in a particularly life-warping space that will pass just as Pluto releases the opposition to her Sun and her progressed Ascendant moves out of glowering Capricorn and into cyber-spatial Aquarius. She’s just about to turn up all over the place, in her most intimate, dark, and sexy film incarnation ever, everywhere, on your cellphone…you heard it here first, ring, ring…

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