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Star Gazing


This Month's Birthday's

2008 Race to the White House

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2:00 PM
Liverpool, UK

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In the News:

Memory Almost Full
Paul McCartney by John Townley

When looking at the chart of someone so obviously and hugely famous as Paul McCartney, it’s good to look beyond the obvious to get a feel of what made that moment so important as to turn out someone so guilelessly but gigantically influential. The most obvious in-your-face observation is that this is a relatively rare bundle chart. All the heavens were huddled up on one side of the solar system with the earth on the other side, a lonely and desperate situation at that time in history.

Here on lonely earth in the heart of WWII, things were desperate and pivotal, indeed. In the European Theater, Hitler and Mussolini met at Munich to divide the Balkans as Tobruk was about to fall to Rommel, the swing point before the Germans would overreach and meet defeat at El Alamein. In the Pacific, the shift between the turning points of Midway and Guadalcanal was underway and about to tip against the Japanese.

As Mars and Pluto met and the Sun raced toward Jupiter to turn the balance of the world’s heaving fate of death and destruction, that same Mars-Pluto was seeded in a bass player who could move the earth with his beat and encompass the world with the sheer scope and originality of his music. Surely the seeds of change were being deployed across the globe that would still be revolutionizing things in the 1960s and well into the next century. The Sun was exactly along the axis of the Galactic Center, and the only thing crossing the bundle of planets and extending out the other side was the plane of the Moon’s orbit, the North Node stretching like a handle of last chance promises, swinging against the rest of the known universe. At the moment Paul came on the scene, hopeful and creative Neptune was barely rising in the east at Liverpool, as lend-lease Liberty ships waited to enter the Mersey docks to bring their own hope, and the seeds of the Mersey beat were, unbeknownst to anyone, being born upon the shore. It is in such moments that one reflects that knighthood is both of the sword and the ploughshare as one is hammered into the other.

Current events: As Pluto has been swinging over the Galactic Center of late, opposing McCartney’s Sun, Saturn has taken its toll on his Leo Moon as well, transforming his life and adding more than a bit of the world-weary to this son of Albion, as his progressed Sun moves into the darker 12th house. Ever both the child and bearer of destiny, his latest songs have turned appropriately inward with awareness of the mortality which so surrounded his birth, while still reflecting the hopes that began to come true in the season of his tide-changing birth hours.

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