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Star Gazing


This Month's Birthday's

2008 Race to the White House

People in the News

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2:32 PM
Los Angeles, CA

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In the News:

Hey Paula!
Paula Abdul by John Townley

Although she may seem lightweight to some, Paula Abdul is nobody’s fool, and beneath that airy Gemini Sun personality and Libra rising good looks is an angular Capricorn Moon, her only cardinal planet, that’s counting up all the change and planning the chess game three moves ahead. Not everybody knows that despite her association with all things Afro-American in the music biz she’s from Sephardic Jewish stock (her father Syrian, mom Canadian) and there’s more than a little of the canny Middle Eastern trader in her.

A splash-type chart means she’s all over the place and although she started out in dance, she could have picked up life’s game at any starting point and gone on equally to success in all. Her chart rings like a bell in the fifth harmonic (subdivisions of the circle by five), giving her an innate sense of timing and proportion that comes out not only in dance and music, but in jewelry design where she’s also making a splash, and who knows what’s next.

If people think she’s drinking or on drugs because of an occasional slur of speech or thought disconnect, you can blame that on her chart instead — it’s main affliction is a T-cross of Jupiter opposite Pluto both square Mercury, so she’s ambitious in the extreme but often has a hard time verbally expressing what she’s about. There’s so much to say that it gets stuck on the way out and fractured a little as a result.

Current events: Her third career reinvention, as a judge on American Idol, came exactly as her progressed Moon and transiting Jupiter moved over her MC (career), though she’s since suffered some reputational setbacks as transiting Saturn crossed that same point three years later and then moved onto her natally Saturn-laden lunar nodes and progressed Sun these last two years, particularly when Mars added to the fray about the time the Lebanese war coincidentally broke out. The good news is that’s about over and after a brief retreat, at the end of next year as Jupiter rounds the corner of her IC and boosts her Moon at the same time, there will be new territory to be entered post-Idol, especially when her progressed Moon clears out of her 12th house, hitting her Ascendant and thrusting her out into the public eye yet anew.

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