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Star Gazing


This Month's Birthday's

2008 Race to the White House

People in the News

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Birth Time Unknown (12:00 pm was used to run the reports)
Syracuse, NY

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In the News:

Germany has barred the makers of a movie about a plot to kill Adolf Hitler from filming at German military sites because its star Tom Cruise is a Scientologist.
Tom Cruise by John Townley

Anyone looking at celebrity birthday lists will notice that there are a lot of stars, both in entertainment and politics, born close to the fourth of  July. It’s no accident that being a “real, live cousin of my Uncle Sam, born on the fourth of July” really does make you a Yankee Doodle dandy and hooks you up to the American spotlight either for better or sometimes for worse (George Bush is an example of both). Tom Cruise has a special tie beyond that, because he shares a particularly unique chart pattern with the U.S. independence chart that puts his rhythm into sync with the American public. It’s a double-handled bucket chart that features two planets exactly a sign apart on one side of the chart and all the rest on the other, like two handles swinging a pail of water around. That means the individual (or country) tends to spin itself around two inner anchor points that makes for great intensity and a lot of inertia.

In the case of America’s chart, the handles are Moon and Pluto, giving this Cancer country a lot of emotional compulsion about the way it acts. America acts more on instinct than reason. In Tom Cruise’s case, the handles are Jupiter and Saturn, the double tags of social opinion and development, which makes him a man for all seasons with a rhythmic ability to pump up American audiences. Further than that, both have the South Node attached to that double handle, so there’s a feeling of fate involved, a pull that you just have to go along with even if it’s the wrong direction and doesn’t make any intellectual sense (now honestly, could you really follow any of the IMF plots, and did it matter?). Since it’s about Jupiter and Saturn with Cruise, when the plot does make sense — you often find him in sagas that involved justice and independence and pit youth against age, the free spirit against the establishment, Jupiter and Saturn.

With a grand water trine of Sun (personality), Jupiter (expansiveness), and Neptune (fantasy), he can make you believe anything about him because you’re emotionally along for the ride, he makes it that easy. And with Jupiter opposite Pluto spiking the middle of the grand trine, making it a cupid’s-bow, there’s an addition of forcefulness that makes it a heavily willful punch. That last works in the movies, but not always in real life where he tends to shove his Jupiter (new ideas) in Pisces (drugs, religion) down other people’s throats.

Current events: His progressed Sun (inner personality development) has been under the gun of transiting Saturn lately, plus progressed Sun stomped by transiting Pluto, which along with progressed Moon in retreating Pisces have actually put a bit of a damper on his act, which is why you’ve seen a lot of privatization going on with him, both in his inner and outer life, personal and business. He pushed a bit too far and has retreated to regroup his life directions. All that’s just about over, so expect a big bounce-back as the year progresses, especially when his progressed Moon moves into Aries next year and speed-demon Tom leaps into yet another fray with renewed energy and image.

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