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Star Gazing


This Month's Birthday's

2008 Race to the White House

People in the News

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12:01 AM
Brooklyn, NY

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In the News:

Geraldo at Large
Geraldo Rivera by John Townley

Geraldo Rivera is a law unto himself in more ways than you can count, though his scales of justice swing a little too wildly for a real-life court system. Here’s how and why:

With a typical WWII-vintage tightly held bowl chart, he is self-reliant and doesn’t need other people’s gas to turn over his engine (well, not quite, but more on that in a second), and led by Mars it makes him a man of individual action. But if you include the nodes, they transfix the chart, making the South Node the handle of a bucket chart, meaning that fated occurrences out of the blue (to which he is extremely open and sensitive) swing his chart like a flying bolo around the head of destiny. When he’s called, he goes, without a second thought.

And you don’t have to hit him with a two-by-four to get his attention. With intuitive Pisces rising and Neptune in the seventh (partners, who tip him off), he’s got a totally sensitive network of inner and outer aerials that tune him in to what’s happening, and often a whiff of the slightest spoor will get his attention and he’ll race to the chase. With the only earth in the chart being watery Neptune, he is truly fearless (like all no-earth types) because he doesn’t really understand how dangerous his footloose moves really could be. Where angels fear to tread, and all that.

You’d think Pisces rising would be a little more self-effacing (which he truly attempts to be, in his way), but Moon (reaction) exactly conjunct Jupiter (expansion) right at the cusp of spontaneous Leo and combatively square leading planet Mars in lightning Aries means he can’t help but be fast on the draw and quick on the trigger, sometimes firing before his pistol’s out of his holster, shooting himself in the foot as a result. It’s gotten his nose broken and found him kicked off the combat coverage team more than once. That’s further exacerbated by his intuitively sourcing Neptune square his Mercury (information) so he doesn’t always have his facts straight before presenting them. But, that Mercury is right next to Saturn, so when he does have it in hand, he worries it to death like a hound on a fox.

How does he manage to get away with all of this, in an industry that relies on carefully distanced and vetted information? Well, a grand trine of Venus, Mars, and the Midheaven give him universal star power and sex appeal that keeps him in the headlines, even if just for heroically screwing up the story. It’s just so fun to watch him work, because he really means well and gives 100%…oh, and about those five wives, with ruling Neptune conjunct the Vertex in the 7th house, he couldn’t have done without them. They open his conduits to everything else.

Current events: He’s under conflicting influences now, with the skies trading stop-and-go effects above him. With progressed Mars over natal and progressed Uranus, he’s particularly explosive, and that’s frustratingly emphasized by Pluto (forced change) holding him down by squatting right on his MC (fame), so you see him twisting and writhing like a tortured prisoner as a new direction is forged around him and he struggles for yet another dispensation for his reason to be. As his progressed Moon gets out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius where it can pick up on some new Jupiter energy in the fall, you’ll see him start to find his speed again.

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